Friday, September 19, 2014

Clemson University Sexual Survey

(Clemson, South Carolina)
Students and faculty at Clemson University in South Carolina recently opened their emails to find that they must complete a sexual history survey or face disciplinary action.

The survey — which asks invasive questions such as, “How many times have you had sex (including oral) in the last three months?” and “With how many different people have you had sex (including oral) in the last three months?” — is part of an hour long Title IX training course that must be completed by November 1 to avoid violation of the Code of Conduct, according to Campus Reform.

Campus Reform updated their report to reflect that the university has temporarily suspended the training course, but while it was active and mandatory, students had many concerns about privacy.
The survey is beyond bizarre, I suggest.


Wireless.Phil said...

I'd fight that if I were them!
An individual's sex life is none of their damn business!
Are there perverts running the place?

Wireless.Phil said...

You watch, some of the stupid students will actually send it in!

locomotivebreath1901 said...

I remember the good old days when liberals demanded public society stay out of our private sex life...


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