Thursday, March 19, 2015

Florida Teacher Gets Probation for Child Cruelty - Update

Tara Roberts

(Fort Myers, Florida) Former River Hall Elementary School teacher Tara Roberts has pleaded guilty to sending racy pictures of herself to students.

For child cruelty and obscene communication, Roberts was sentenced to 5 years probation and designation as a sex offender.

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Florida Teacher Accused of Child Cruelty
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(Fort Myers, Florida) A 28-year-old teacher at River Hall Elementary School, Tara Roberts, has been accused of cruelty towards a child and transmitting information harmful to minors.

Roberts has been arrested for sending scantily clad pictures of herself to a student whose age has not been reported.
The messages started off as friendly but soon turned into more sexual in nature.

The student knew it was Tara Roberts because he recognized her white iPhone.

According to the investigation, Tara Roberts told the student not to tell anyone because she would get in trouble.
Roberts was booked into custody at the Lee County Jail.

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