Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lobster Story

(Augusta, Maine)
Some 30,000 pounds (1.4 tons) of live lobsters from Canada survived for several hours after a truck carrying them slid off a highway in central Maine on Wednesday, but the crustaceans were quickly back on their way to New Hampshire and Rhode Island markets, police said.

The truck, fully loaded with about $300,000 worth of lobsters from Nova Scotia in seawater, slid into the median and landed on its side after swerving to miss a vehicle that had spun out on a stretch of Interstate 95 north of Augusta, Maine's capital, according to state police reports.
Although the truck was irreparably damaged, the lobsters survived and were loaded onto other trucks and carted off to their intended destination.

1 comment:

Doom said...

A lot of pounds in those tons! Does it just make it easier to load and unload, or is that fuzzy or core math? Love me some weight reduction, never have gotten that to work though, but then I'm not in the media either, so there ya go?

But gosh, sure makes me hungry. Lobster is right below ribeye as my favorite food.


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