Monday, November 24, 2014

Mexico: 43 Missing Students

(Mexico City, Mexico)
A day that's supposed to celebrate the anniversary of a revolution is instead turning into one of mass protests against political corruption and outrage over violence that probably left 43 missing students dead.

"There's a feeling of being fed up that's been building for some time," said law student Esteban Santillán, 24, who marched in Mexico City last month. The case of the missing students "is the best example of the rot that there is in the country's political class."

Students, parents and supporters of the missing plan protests in Mexico City and across the country Thursday, when Mexico normally marks the anniversary of the Revolution of 1910, which resulted from discontent over a lack of democracy and farmers' desire for land and liberty.

Protest organizers promise to block access to the international airport. Revolution Day parades have been canceled in parts of Guerrero and Michoacán states for security reasons. Government buildings have been burned in Guerrero state, and stores and delivery trucks have been looted since the students went missing.

"It's the most severe crisis that the country has experienced in the last 20 years, and it touches every area," said Bernardo Barranco, an academic and political analyst. "It's a sort of catharsis in which everything is rotten: government, parties, the economy, etc.
"Everything is rotten," eh?


Wireless.Phil said...

These people have the same mentality as the asshole protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.
That case came back from the Grand Jury a few minutes sgo, no indictment!
As I said, justifed shooting!

As for the cop shootung the Cleveland 12 year old with a BB gun, news announcement didn't say shit.
All that was said is there is a 90 day investigation.

Wireless.Phil said...

There is video in the Cleveland 12 year old shooting, but thd cops haven't released it yet.

Doom said...

The problem with the Mexican revolt last time, and any future one, is it will be run by the same band, but with different names, than those in power today. Just new thugs who probably won't even be able to do the paperwork as well. It seems they have limited their choices to socialism or communism. Very European of them, though. I wonder if they will toss out the Catholic Church again.


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