Monday, November 24, 2014

Regin Spyware

An "extremely complex" and "stealthy" spying program has been stealing data from ISPs, energy companies, airlines and research-and-development labs, a security company has said.

With a "degree of technical competence rarely seen", Regin had probably taken years to develop, Symantec said.

And a nation state may have written it to serve its spying agencies' needs.

The program had been used in "systematic spying campaigns" over the past six years, Symantec said.

Aimed at Windows users, Regin slowly infiltrated its targets, taking care at each stage to hide its tracks, the company said.

"Many components of Regin remain undiscovered and additional functionality and versions may exist," it added.
Reportedly, it is very rare to find malware of such sophistication.


Doom said...

You might not be able to detect it with software, but if you are familiar with your machines, you will note when things are off. And, yes, I suspect they attack home machines. Looking for card number, access to other services, and simple attack platforms.

This machine is infected, probably zombie. I disconnect the internet when I am not using it. Even if anti-virus services could detect it, and I think they have a shot at it, they wouldn't. Whether by threat or payoff, our security is not worth the purely empty money.

Oh, and if they have such for Windows, and probably created with the help of employees, have no doubt they have such for each OS. Linux, a form of Unix, would be much more important regarding corporate espionage anyway. It's what the techs still use.

Doom said...

Oh, they hit my smart phone recently. Yeah, they are in there just like the CIA, FBI, Verizon itself, and whoever else, including large foreign governments. Don't let anybody fool you.

Wireless.Phil said...

Its the Russian hackers again and or thd Chinese bastards.

Wireless.Phil said...

Found info on our local news station web site this morning.

Symantec uncovers Regin malware

A Symantec white paper reveals details about Regin, a spying malware of unusual complexity which is believed to be state-sponsored.


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