Friday, February 20, 2015

Gov't Subsidies Given to Wrong People

(Washington, D.C.)
More than $37 million in monthly housing subsidies for needy people ended up in the wrong hands last year because the Department of Housing and Urban Development doesn't know how to verify who's eligible for its program.

The housing subsidies are intended for low-income people who meet the "community service and self-sufficiency requirement" or CSSR. To qualify, you must be between 18 and 62 and log a minimum of eight hours of community service or job training each month. The whole idea is to help prop up people who are trying to get back into the job market or reward those who are helping their communities.

But a recent audit of the program quickly reveals that that's not exactly how the program is panning out.

HUD's Inspector General found that tenants in living in at least 106,000 of the 550,000 subsidized houses didn't meet the service or job training requirements needed to qualify for the program.
Government, eh?


Doom said...

As with any charity or socialist program, when it gets too big it becomes dysfunctionally stupid. Add in that most bureaucratic government jobs are doled out to the lucky few too poor of quality to be hired by the public sector and then codified as unions, and you get what you get.

Gut the government. It's the only way.

Wireless.Phil said...

If you are disabled, you get in.
If you are blind or have other eye problems not corrected by glasses, you get in and are not required to meet the job, 8 hours inhouse job, go for training, etc.

Then you have those who are just lazy, others who convince everyone they are crazy, and do it to the point they do become crazy and believe it.


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