Sunday, February 01, 2015

Leftist fantasies don't change much

Psychohistorian Richard Koenigsberg  says:

"The question is: what did anti-Semitism mean to people like Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels? Why did the idea of “the Jew” arouse such a passionate, hysterical response? Why did Nazi leaders—and many other Germans—feel it was necessary to destroy or eliminate the Jews, conceiving of the Final Solution as a moral imperative?

Hitler said, “We may be inhumane, but if we rescue Germany, we have performed the greatest deed in the world.” Hitler’s ideology grew out of a rescue fantasy. He wanted to “save the nation.” This is not an unusual motive. Much of politics grows out of this idea that one must act to “save” one’s nation—from external and internal enemies.

Indeed, this motive—the desire to “save one’s nation”—is so ordinary that we barely reflect upon it. What is it that individuals wish to save? What is the nature and meaning of these threats to one’s nation—that often evoke such radical, violent forms of action?"

This is yet another similarity between Greenies and Nazis.  Hitler wanted to save Germany and Greenies want to save the planet.  Both had/have a central fantasy of themselves as saviours.

Hitler was very socialist.  Greenies are very socialist.  Hitler fantasized a return to a romanticized rural past.  The Greenies fantasize a return to a romanticized rural past. Hitler predicted food shortages as a future policy problem. Greenies predict food shortages as a future policy problem.

The resemblances go on.  There is clearly something in human nature (Freud's "Thanatos"?) that emerges in  malign form from time to time.  It goes at least as far back as ancient Sparta.  It may also underlie Islam. Muslims don't seem to care about the environment but they are very collectivist and regard the "Ummah" (Muslim world) in a very mystical way:  As a sort of living body that must not lose any of its parts: Very much the way Hitler viewed Germany.

We skeptics are up against some very deep-lying, destructive and irrational instincts.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


Doom said...

Freudian's Einsteinian slip was showing. Thanatos was a minor Greek god of death, but of peaceful death. These fucknuggets couldn't get a damn thing right, could they. Never mind.

As to the notion, I am still unclear whether, at some point, men race to their own individual and collective deaths, through leadership, with any means possible, or not. Perhaps it is some population rate, or something. Or maybe a collective or uncontrollable madness from some proximity. Or, maybe, murderous leaders just sometimes happen.

Then again, the NAZI party took over from about a third of the legitimate powerbase. The simply stole the rest, so it wasn't exactly a majority. It was a strong minority, but with a beaten and hungry people who offered no real resistance, and had little resistance to give. There is that last, too. The treaty ending WWI had been particularly cruel.

We will see, but as the two political parties merge, America is closer to easing into that sort of government. The one thing that has held that up is private gun ownership. An American dictator would find that the warnings of past enemy generals and despots against invading America is true for foreign as well as domestic threats. Too damned many guns.

Wireless.Phil said...

The Nazi killed more than Jews.
Soviets, Polish, differdnt thinkers, crippled children, they found a reason, any reason to kill.
When your leader is crazy, you do as you're told or risk your own life.


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