Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mystery Drones on France

Eiffel Tower

(Paris, France) Here's a report dated yesterday.
Drones have been spotted flying over Paris landmarks overnight, sparking a police investigation.

At least five drones were seen above the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, as well as over the American Embassy and other sensitive locations.
I'd be concerned.


Tez said...

As long as the Queen Bee stays away shouldn't be too much trouble!!

Wireless.Phil said...

Hobby photography?
Architect studies?

Wireless.Phil said...

Al-Jazeera journalists held for Paris drone flight
Published: 25 Feb 2015 19:49 GMT+01:00

Wireless.Phil said...

France's answer, fly a drone with a net and catch them.

Doom said...

I am sure, given the absolute neutrality of the media, that this was just jocular news gathering. Nothing to see here. These are not the jihadist terrorist information gathering units you are looking for.


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