Wednesday, February 25, 2015

California Teacher Accused of Molesting Teenagers

Marilouise Hawks

(Merced County, California) Marilouise Hawks is a teacher formerly at Merced County Juvenile Hall.
Hawks, 64, has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of child molestation after accusations of inappropriate contact with two inmates, ages 16 and 17, at the Iris Garrett Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex, according to Steve Slocum, the supervising deputy district attorney who filed the case.

Slocum said the charges were the strongest available to prosecutors, based on the facts of the case and the California criminal code. If convicted, Hawks faces up to two years behind bars and will be required to register as a sex offender, Slocum confirmed.
According to prosecutors, the molestation occurred between September and October of last year.


Wireless.Phil said...

Makes me wonder if the teens are lying. An excuse for early release.

Justice said...

wireless phil there is no opportunity in that place for her to do any of this, cameras and windows everywhere. like kids never lie. righr thats why nthey are incarcerated cause they are all innocent. this started with a kid rumor from a girl who constantly throws accusations around. this ios nonsense and believing little criminals that want lesser sentencing is foolish


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