Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New York Educator/Coach Accused of Rape

Christina M. Jewell-Bellucio

(Greece, New York) A 32-year-old teacher's aide and cheer coach at Greece Olympia High School, Christina M. Jewell-Bellucio, has been accused of having sexual encounters with a 16-year-old student.

Jewell-Bellucio faces counts of third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sex act.
Laurel Heiden, spokeswoman for the Greece Central School District, said the district was informed of the alleged misconduct on Monday and launched an internal investigation. The district also notified Greece police, Heiden said.

Jewell-Bellucio was hired as cheerleader coach at Greece Olympia High School in August 2013, Heiden said. She became a teacher's aide and then a senior teacher's aide at the school in 2014, according to school documents.
A court date is scheduled for March 11.

[Update] Additional data for Christina (aka Christine) Jewell-Belluccio can be found here.


Wireless.Phil said...

See there!
Blue eyes!
Don't trust crazy looking people with blue eyes!

deecee said...

... this is just shameful. I used to know her. Glad I don't anymore!


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