Friday, May 29, 2015

Michigan Football Coach Accused in Sex Case

Robert Lesnau

(Pontiac, Michigan) A football coach formerly at Notre Dame Marist Academy, Robert Lesnau, has been accused of attempting to have sex with a six-year-old girl.
The FBI builds its case in federal court records, showing how it traced the phone number to Lesnau and the IP address to his printing business in Sterling Heights. The FBI then recorded him on the phone and has texts messages from him.

In the text messages, Lesnau tells the woman (who was an informant for the FBI at this point), "I'm not doing it unless I see you and her topless so I know you are for real." Then he texts, "I'll give you $200." He also asks, "Has she ever touched (male genitalia)?"
Lesnau was arrested for soliciting sex with a minor.

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