Thursday, February 04, 2016

An ABC Store on Every Corner

Hawai'i is a fun place to visit and one would think it's a law for each hotel in Waikiki to have an ABC Store next to it. There are so many!

These are not Alcoholic Beverage Control stores (although they do sell liquor); they were originally called "Mister K" for the company founder, Sidney Kosasa, and according to his son Paul, they pride themselves on giving great customer service and taking care of their employees. These are convenience stores that provide food, drinks, sundries, postcards, beach cover-ups, Aloha shirts, souvenirs, and just about anything a person would need while vacationing.

Each purchase is followed by "Mahalo" [thank you] and "Save your receipts for free gifts!"

They are nice places to shop. I got my free gift.

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