Saturday, February 13, 2016

Marijuana Use in Colorado

(Denver, Colorado)
In most states, smoking a joint at work would land you in the unemployment line, but the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has given birth to group of businesses that tolerate and even encourage employees to consume weed.

They include Denver-based MassRoots, a tech startup that likes to refer to itself as the Facebook for pot users, which allows its 30 employees to use cannabis as a way to stimulate creativity and boost productivity.

One way MassRoots co-founder Isaac Dietrich does that is by scheduling weekly rooftop smoke sessions (smoking isn't allowed inside the building that houses the company's downtown headquarters), where employees bond and strategize.


Wireless.Phil said...

Not legal in Ohio yet.
They tried to get it for medical and recreational use, but voters turned it down, mainly because it was only a small number of investors who spent big to get it and those investors would be the only ones making the profit from it. Only 10 sites could grow it and the investors controlled all of them.

Now they want to try for medical only, I'll bet that gets voted down too.

Wireless.Phil said...

$1 Billion Worth of Drugs Seized From Shipment of Silicon Bra Inserts in Australia

FOX40 - ‎47 minutes ago‎

Australian police have seized $1 billion Australian dollars' worth of the drug “ice” from a shipment of silicon bra inserts and art supplies, the country's federal police said, worth approximately US$700 million.


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