Thursday, February 18, 2016

Millions Reportedly Found

(New South Wales, Australia)
A NSW man might be about to wipe out his mortgage in one fell swoop, if a sensational claim he made about finding millions of dollars in cash and gold bullion in the wall of his newly-purchased house is true.

Speaking to Merrick Watts on Triple M earlier this week, "Dave" told the ebullient radio host he had uncovered the mother lode while renovating.

"Between the walls there are is bunch of money," Dave said. "Stacks and stacks of money – and gold bars."

"Have you counted the currency?" Watts asked.

"Yes I have," Dave said. "Between one to three million dollars."

"Jackpot!" Watts cried.

"There are about 50 gold bars, I estimate about half a kilo each," Dave continued. "And lots and lots of money here."

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