Thursday, February 04, 2016

Soldier Goes AWOL

(Knoxville, Tennessee)
The first woman in Tennessee to enlist as a combat engineer in the Army went AWOL according to a military spokesperson.

Local 8 News was first to tell you about Erika Lopez back in July of 2015. She made headlines when she enlisted for a job that could involve fighting on the front lines.

The U.S. Army had just lifted its ban on women in combat roles when she walked into a recruiting office in Knoxville and decided to enlist as a combat engineer.
So much for putting women in combat roles, eh?

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Wireless.Phil said...

A few days ago morning news scrolled at the bottom that the military said women who want combat should register for the draft.

Yes, we still have a draft and you are required to register, but no one gets drafted anymore. I doubt 18 year olds know they are to register?
You can even find the flyer handed out at the post office.


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