Monday, February 08, 2016

Virginia Tech Student Accused in Teens Death

Nicole Lovell

(Virginia, Blacksburg) A seventh-grader Nicole Lovell was reportedly kidnapped and killed by a college student named Natalie Keepers.
Keepers and her lawyer argued that she should be released on bail while she awaits trial for allegedly helping plan Lovell's slaying and then improperly dumping her body just across the state line in North Carolina, two hours south of Virginia Tech's campus, where she was a student. Bond was denied.


grayjohn said...

Wait, a 19 year old seventh grader? WTF?

Wireless.Phil said...

Local news in the Cleveland area says he had inappropriate contact with her, but that is all they said. Never mentioned sex or rape, but maybe the parents didn't want that info to get out or it never happened at all?


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