Thursday, May 12, 2016

Perverted Jewish headmistress evading justice

A woman who was allegedly sexually abused at the hands of an ultra-conservative Jewish headmistress has spoken out for the first time.

She is one of at least eight girls that were allegedly abused by Malka Leifer while she was principal of Adass Israel School in Melbourne between 2003 and 2008.

Leifer, who is now under house arrest in Israel after she fled Australia, is wanted by Victoria Police on 74 child sex offences.

Rebecca said when she first spoke about the abuse she wasn't believed and was told to keep quiet. One of the woman she confided in told her: 'That didn't happen. Make sure you keep it that way.'

Eventually a second victim came forward, but within hours of the allegations being made, Leifer fled Australia with her family in the middle of the night

She was arrested and put under house arrest six years later, in 2014, following an extradition request from Australia.

Despite the charges facing her in Australia, Leifer has managed to skip seven court hearings for her extradition, due to ill health and panic attacks.

Her lawyers called for the case to be thrown out in February and have said they will fight extradition to the Israeli High Court.

A Melbourne woman was awarded $1.27 million in compensation for the abuse she suffered last year, and two former students have sued Leifer.

Victims have claimed the fugitive is manipulating the Israeli justice system and her extradition is long overdue.


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