Sunday, June 05, 2016

And they couldn't tell the difference

"An exclusive London nightclub favourited by Princes William and Harry filled £360 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne with cheap prosecco. Over three years staff at Boujis, in South Kensington, conned clubbers with the scam, it has been claimed. Drink from bottles of Santa Eleni, which retails for £9, was poured out and sold as expensive champagne.

Bottles of Grey Goose and Belvedere vodka which can sell for £260 contained what was in fact much cheaper alcohol.  Staff are alleged to have used drink from bottles of 1860 Imperial vodka, which can be bought for £10 from supermarkets, in the club.

Barmen have been seen filling the more expensive bottles by using a funnel to transfer the cheaper alcohol. Water has also been used to dilute the drink to keep costs down. The venue has made thousands of pounds from tricking the unsuspecting super rich who frequented the club.

The Ignite Group, which runs Boujis, said it was 'shocked' by the allegations and would take action against those responsible"


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Wireless.Phil said...

I had two bottles of Dom Perignon champagne and I wasn't impressed with it.

As for switching the vodka, the idiots may not have noticed because they buy the top shelf drinks and mix it with juice or soda pop! That is how stupid and wasteful they are!


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