Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Children reveal their hilarious life goals - including learning to fly, working in a supermarket and never getting married

Images circulating the web show some youngsters' dreams in life are either unrealistic or hilariously mundane. From a large number of little boys hoping to become Batman to the wish to turn into an inanimate object - such as a potato - these children won't let anything stand in the way of their ambitions, including all sense and reason.

 One blond-haired little boy is after the good life, treats and presumably lots of long walks. He is hoping to become a dog when he grows up. Another boy, whose hobbies include playing tag and catch, wishes nothing more than to grow up and work in this local supermarket. His goal reads: 'In 20 years I'll be 32 years old and working in KMart'.

Another boy hope to tackle a lack of ethnic diversity in the Marvel Comics universe by becoming Black Spider-Man. It's the simple life for another child. When they grow up they hope to be a person who cleans tables"


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