Monday, August 01, 2016

A moderate weather event

It is midwinter in Brisbane where I live.  The temperature at my place with doors open and no heating in operation was 28 degrees C at 3pm yesterday.  Britons would call that a heatwave.  So how come such heat in midwinter?  Brisbane is, after all, in a sub-tropical latitude, not the tropics.  Could it be that global warming is catching up with me?

Not quite.  You see, we also had a very cool summer at the beginning of this year.  So instead of extreme weather events, we are having a moderate weather event -- where summer and winter temperatures converge to an unusual degree.

I am sure the Warmists could explain it.  They can explain everything "post hoc". But it's certainly pretty weird in an opposite direction to what the panic merchants have predicted.  If this is global warming, I love it!


Wireless.Phil said...

This is a heat wave!

Stop complaining about the heat here is the USA! (or there is Australia)

54 degrees Celsius in Kuwait record high for Asia
July 27th 2016

The UN weather agency says the temperature in Kuwait has hit a record high for Asia and the eastern hemisphere, at 54 degrees Celsius.

The World Meteorological Organization said that temperature was recorded in Mitrabah, Kuwait last Thursday, July 21st.

Heatwaves have hit a vast area of the Middle East and North Africa since last week. A temperature of 53.9 degrees Celsius was recorded in southern Iraq last Friday.

The WMO said the world's highest temperature was recorded in Death Valley California in 1913, at 56.7 degrees Celsius (134.06F). But the accuracy of that record is in question, making it possible that the temperature recorded in Kuwait is a new world record.
The weather agency last week said this year will be the hottest on record. It cited record global temperatures for the 14th straight month and the rapid melting of Arctic sea ice.

WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said this calls for more effort than ever to approve and implement the Paris Agreement on climate change, and speed up the shift to low carbon economies and renewable energy.

Wireless.Phil said...

We've been in the 80s (F) and 90s (F) here for the last two months and the idiot office manager sends us a note this morning about a heat warning and how to take care of ourselves in the high heat and humidity.

She's really isn't to bright to begin with.

After the installed a new concrete parking area, she wanted to fine everyone for leaking oil and demanded they get their cars fixed.

That went no where.

Everyone here has an old car, they all leak and no one parks in the same spot.
Plus some leaks require the engine to be pulled out of the car to fix, no one has money for that.

That woman is a real bone head!


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