Monday, August 01, 2016

Half-naked STRIPPERS dance provocatively around a man's coffin in an attempt to attract more mourners to a Chinese funeral

Footage from a funeral in China shows two scantily clad women gyrating next to a man's coffin as they dance to Maroon 5's hit Moves Like Jagger.

Attending mourners eagerly film the scandalous scene as the strippers - dressed in bikini tops and knee-high leather boots - sashay around the casket. Just as they might on a nightclub podium the pair flick their hair and provocatively shake their assets in an energised dance routine while lights flash from pink to green to blue, illuminating a picture of the deceased.

At one point they even drape themselves seductively over the white coffin as though posing with the departed man - named only as Mr Jian.

Strippers are invited to dance at funerals in China and Taiwan in the hopes of attracting more morners - with a higher numbers of attendees seen as reflecting a higher status."


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