Thursday, August 21, 2003


New viruses have appeared today which pose a threat to Windows machines. Per Bigwig - PLEASE UPDATE YOUR VIRUS DEFINITIONS IMMEDIATELY!

Also, it may be too early to discount the possibility that a virus or worm may have contributed to the massive blackout on 8/14. According to this article by Kevin Poulsen, some events associated with the generation and distribution of electricity in the recent past have been attributed to computer systems being affected by viruses /worms. For example, the Slammer worm was determined to be cause of failure of the Safety Parameter Display System of Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant last January. Sometime later, Slammer disabled the Plant Process Computer.

The events described are not critical to plant safety, but their loss makes plant operation extra burdensome for staff. And, the events indicate that a pathway existed for an Internet worm to affect computer systems thought to be isolated. Thanks to Bigwig.

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