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Women With Troubles - January 2010

Reported in news stories during January 2010, here is a compilation of women with troubles. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying details.

For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link. Links to month-by-month compilations are displayed on the navigation bar at left.

(AZ) Tanya Nareau, 33,
neighbor - Arrested for unlawful sale of her daughter, 2,

(CA) Jennifer Bautista, 20,
neighbor - Arrested for running over and killing lesbian lover,

(CA) Jennifer Bigham, 23,
neighbor - Arrested for allegedly drowning daughter,

(CA) Adrienne Elizabeth Feistel, 36,
teacher - Guilty of statutory rape. Sentencing in March,

(CA) Paulette Dastrup Thompson, 59,
school principal - Guilty of grand theft,

(CO) Amy Ann Adamson Gonzalez, 19,
neighbor - Arrested for murder and witness tampering,

(CO) Amy Huber, 30,
teacher - Sentenced to 30 days in jail for liquoring up students,

(FL) Ashley Elenea Burkett, 31,
teacher - Guilty of sex with male students. Sentencing in April,

(FL) Laura Lea Pace, 40,
teacher - Gets two years in prison for sex with two boys, 15 and 16,

(FL) April Burford Warson, 33,
teacher - Guilty of sex with male students. Sentencing in April,

(GA) Shanna Detwieler (aka Detweiler), 40,
teacher - Arrested for sexual contact with boy, 14,

(ID) Lisa Marie Rasho, 31,
neighbor - Gets probation in boy sex case,

(IN) Elizabeth Sollars, 38
teacher - Arrested for fraud and possession of controlled substances,

(IN) Dawn M. Timko, 37,
babysitter - Charged with felony child molestation,

(KY) Beulah Nicole “Nikki” Sumner, 35,
teacher - Arrested for engaging in sex with student, 17,

(LA) Sherry Darrnell Gentle, 25,
teacher - Arrested for sex with male student, 15,

(MD) Renee Bowman, 44,
neighbor - Sentenced to 25 years in prison for felony child abuse,

(MD) Jennifer M. Glad, 24,
coach - Arrested for sex with male student, 15,

(MD) Kristyn Nicole Breeds, 29,
teacher - Accused of sex with male student, 17,

(MO) Laura D. Kirkland, 26,
babysitter - Sentenced to 7 years prison for sex with boy,

(NC) Julie Michele Livingston, 26,
military wife - Arrested for sex with boy, 15,

(NC) Leah Gayle Shipman, 39,
teacher - Arrested for sex with student, 15,

(NC) Jessica Wishnack, 28,
teacher - Gets 3.5 years prison for indecency with boy, 15,

(NH) Judith Presarik, 51,
teacher - Arrested on fugitive warrant,

(NJ) Christine Sigall, 34,
neighbor - Gets four years of prison for sex with boy, 13,

(NJ) Angela Stellwag, 29,
teacher - Guilty of sex with male student, 14. Sentencing in May,

(NY) Lisa Guttilla, 37,
teacher/coach - Accused of sex abuse of girl, 14,

(NY) Kristine R. Kornacki-Miller, 39,
neighbor - Sentenced to 6 months in jail for sex with boy, 13,

(NY) Jessica Wright, 28,
child therapist - Arrested for sex with boy, 15,

(OH) Shawna A. Conn, 19,
neighbor - Arrested for sex with two minor boys,

(OH) Markita L. Harper, 20,
neighbor - Arrested for sex assault of woman met through MySpace,

(OH) Megan Spurlock, 20,
neighbor - Arrested for identity fraud in fake MySpace scheme,

(PA) Deidra Diane Beckett, 30,
neighbor - Gets probation for sex with boy, 15,

(SC) Amy Barhite, 32,
teacher - Accused of inappropriate conduct with students,

(TN) Jessica Kathleen Alexander, 18,
neighbor - Accused of filing false rape claim,

(TN) Tammy Nicole Ortega, 29,
neighbor - Accused of filing false rape claim,

(TX) Lauri Ann Price, 42,
substitute teacher - Arrested for soliciting a Canadian boy over the Internet,

(VA) Lori Anne Jarvis, 43,
teacher - Walks on drug charges,

(WI) Cleopatrick Marks,
daycare owner - Arrested for dealing dope out of daycare,

(WV) Jessica McClure, 24,
neighbor - Arrested for felony child neglect of son, 2,

(WV) Crystal White, 33,
jail counselor - Charged with smuggling controlled substance into jail,

(WY) Stacy Lee McLaughlin, 40,
neighbor - Accused of outhouse sex with boy, 15.
Thanks to the tipsters, commenters and, of course, the readers.
Global Warming Facts from Geography Student

The UN global warming experts appear to be trolling virtually every written word to support their argument. Heh. Don't be surprised if Facebook is cited as a source for global warming hysteria.
The United Nations climate panel that had recently claimed that ice was disappearing from the Himalayas, based its assumptions on a student's dissertation.

Claims made by the United Nations climate panel that ice caps on the world's mountain ranges are in retreat were sourced by a student's dissertation and by an article in a mountaineering magazine.

The inaccurate warning brought a great deal of embarrassment to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last week, leading the panel's leadership to issue a broad apology on the sloppy nature of their research.

The panel's report concluded that ice was retreating on the peaks of the Andes, Alps and throughout Africa as well - and cited two distinct papers on the matter.

The dissertation was written by a geography student from the University of Berne in Switzerland.
Interesting. I'd expect this revelation to seriously tarnish the credibility of the global warming enthusiasts. On the other hand, their enthusiasm will continue. Warmists won't be deterred since their agenda is political and largely unrelated to any science.
PETA Gets Pie in the Face

(St. John's, N.L.) The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently protested seal hunting by hitting Canada's Fisheries Minister Gail Shea in the face with a pie.

In response, a seal hunt supporter retaliated with a pie to the face of a PETA protester waiting for the arrival of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Friday.
A woman wearing a seal suit was waiting for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to arrive for a speech when a man approached, dressed in a local mascot’s outfit — a dog with a rain slicker and a sou’wester.

The seal hunt supporter shoved a cream pie into the woman’s face after knocking off the head of her seal costume.
The pied PETA protester, Emily Lavender, 21, indicated that she was pleased to take a pie in the puss for a purpose (video).

Although some would say that a pie in the face to PETA is only fair play since "They started it," however, it's not a good sign that physical confrontations between PETA and its opponents are escalating. Instead, I suggest that criminal charges and civil lawsuits be pursued.
“Turkeys voting for Christmas”

That's what the intellectual elite think of working class conservative voters. They think that voting Left is OBVIOUSLY in the best interests of the workers and cannot understand that the base of support for the GOP is mainly among the less affluent. They think that working class people are cutting their own throats by voting conservative. It's an old claim but an extended version of it has just appeared -- where else? -- on the BBC.

So what is the reason for this incredible folly among conservatives? Mental illness, emotional disturbance etc., of course. I can't be bothered to excerpt any of the nonsense this time. Suffice it to say that Drew Westen and Thomas Frank -- the usual suspects -- are trotted out to give their versions of the "explanation". How the BBC missed out on getting a comment from George Lakoff is the only mystery.

To give the author -- David Runciman -- his due he does point to the elitism and arrogance of the Democrats as a reason why ordinary people might not vote for them and he does reject the old but very extreme Hofstadter claim that it is all "paranoia". But, even, so, the explanation he gives is that conservatives are voting with their emotions and not their reason.

I am confident that in ten minutes I could give Runciman enough reasons for the rationality of conservatism to jar even him but why stray into politics when we are discussing political psychology -- which is my academic specialty? As some measure of how long Runciman's nonsense has been around my paper on the subject dates back to 1972! and it appeared in The British Journal of Political Science. So if Runciman -- who claims to be a political scientist -- were a competent scholar he would already be aware of it and would mention the evidence in it. But what Leftist is bothered about evidence?

What I found was that it was the working class conservatives who were "normal". It was the working class Leftists who were particularly rebellious and haters of the society in which they lived. That characterization of Leftist voters is of course not at all surprising but it does put the boot on the other foot for Runciman. It is the Leftist voters who are emotion-driven, not the conservatives. And my conclusions were based on carefully validated survey research using a representative general population sample, not the vague inferences of Thomas Frank, Drew Westen etc.

What a laugh they are!

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Continuous Attacks on Israel

IDF forces discovered six pipe bombs Saturday evening in the possession of a Palestinian at a checkpoint east of Nablus. Sappers destroyed the explosive devices and the Palestinian was taken for questioning by the security forces.

Soldiers at the West Bank checkpoint suspected the man because of his abnormal behavior, upon which they opened his bag and found the devices. [...]

Palestinians carrying knives apprehended in Old City, Hebron and Qalandiya checkpoint; security officials say increase in attempted stabbings due to emergence of 'popular terror' in light of difficulty to carry out suicide attacks. [...]

On Friday, an indictment was filed against Rami Abu Dia, 27, resident of Bitunia, near Ramallah, who is accused of attempting an attack near the Western Wall two weeks ago.

Abu Dia's detailed plan for the attack is included in the indictment. He intended to grab his victim by the neck and stab him in the chest. For this purpose, he bought an 18 cm (7 inch) knife in Ramallah. He had first planned to stab soldiers at a checkpoint, but due to defensive measures at the checkpoint he retreated. Later he managed to get inside Israel and was caught on his way to the Old City.
"Popular terror" sounds ominous.
Teacher Walks in Juvenile Overdose Case - Updated

(Radford, Virginia) In accordance with a plea agreement, elementary school teacher Lori Anne Jarvis pleaded guilty yesterday to misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resigned from her teaching position.

In exchange for her plea, a felony cocaine possession charge was dropped.

At yesterday's hearing in Radford Circuit Court, Jarvis was fined $100 and sentenced to 30 days in jail - suspended - for possession of marijuana.
Jarvis was charged with possessing marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after an incident in which a teenage girl suffered an apparent overdose at Jarvis' Radford home. She was later charged with possessing cocaine after materials found in her home were analyzed by a state laboratory.

There was no evidence Jarvis supplied the girl with drugs, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Jason Annis has said. The contributing charge was dropped at a hearing in November.

The girl, who became unconscious after smoking a substance at Jarvis' home, was treated at a hospital and released. Tests showed only marijuana in her system, Annis has said.
Jarvis also faces a marijuana possession charge in Montgomery County which is due to be adjudicated in August.

* * * * *

Teacher Arrested After Juvenile Overdoses
[Previous 9/4/09 post]
(Radford, Virginia) A 43-year-old third-grade teacher at Belle Heth Elementary School, Lori Anne Jarvis, was arrested yesterday for possession of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Jarvis was charged after an incident Wednesday during which an unnamed juvenile overdosed. The juvenile was taken to the hospital, treated and released.

Jarvis was booked into custody at the NRV Regional Jail with bond set at $5,000.
Revkin is wobbling

Andrew Revkin in the chief Warmist for the NYT. He is trying to cope with the "discovery" (to Warmists) that atmospheric water vapour is a big influence on the earth's temperature. Excerpt from his article of 29th:

A new study led by Susan Solomon, a federal climate scientist and co-leader of the 2007 science review by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is fascinating not only for the revelations, but the underlying lessons, too.

The study, described in an article today in The Times, finds that poorly understood variations in water vapor concentrations in the stratosphere were probably responsible for a substantial wedge of the powerful warming trend in the 1990s and a substantial portion of “the flattening of global average temperatures since 2000″

Here’s the take-home line from the paper: "[S]tratospheric water vapor very likely made substantial contributions to the flattening of the global warming trend since about 2000. Although earlier data are less complete, the observations also suggest that stratospheric water contributed to enhancing the warming observed during 1980–2000."

One lesson, discussed by me for many years, is that short-term variability even on the scale of a decade (in either the hot or not hot direction) is a distraction if one is looking for evidence of human-driven warming or trying to build an argument for or against curbing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Another, of course, is that the science illuminating the extent of the human influence on climate is not “settled” for many specific, and important, points, even though the basic case for rising risks from rising concentrations of greenhouse gases is robust enough to merit a strong response, according to a host of experts (even if you take the intergovernmental panel’s findings with a grain of salt).

More HERE (See the original for links)

Amusing bits: He admits that the science is not "settled"; He admits that people have reason to take the IPCC with a grain of salt; He says that decade-long observations are too short to be used, even though the warming period of the late 20th century that started the whole scare was only about two decades; He then offers an alternative authority to the IPCC as confirming the "threat" of global warming -- an "authority" that was published in 1991! He had to go back to 1991 to prop up his faith!; and that he relies on "authorities" -- rather than any facts -- to prop up his faith is the most pathetic thing of all

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Friday, January 29, 2010

Coach Accused of Sex with Male Student

(Germantown, Maryland) A 24-year-old boys' basketball volunteer coach at Seneca Valley High School, Jennifer M. Glad, was arrested earlier today for allegedly engaging in sex with a 15-year-old male student.

Glad faces four counts of sexual abuse of a minor and four counts of a third-degree sexual offense.
The boy's parents contacted school officials after they began to suspect that he was having sexual relations with an adult volunteer, said police, who were contacted by the school and on Jan. 26 began an investigation. The investigation found that there was a sexual relationship involving the volunteer and the student, police said.

Encounters took place in December "in the volunteer's car away from school property," police said.
Glad was booked into custody with bond set at $25,000.
Casino Opens in Da Nang, Vietnam

Ribbon cutting at Silver Shores Casino

(Da Nang, Vietnam) Under construction since 2006, Vietnam's largest casino opened this week in Da Nang.
The European-style casino occupies 15,000 square meters in the Silver Shores Da Nang resort, which has 548 5-star hotel rooms, 52 high-end villas facing the sea and a 20-hectare international conference center that can host 1,000 people.

It targets tourists from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. [...]

China South Airlines has arranged two flights every Wednesday and Saturday to bring people from Guangzhou to the resort.

Silver Shores also plans to open an airline from Shanghai to Da Nang three months later.
Only people with foreign visas are authorized to enter the casino, including expats and overseas Vietnamese visitors.

Incidentally, Da Nang hosted a large U.S. military base during the Vietnam War. Therefore, the name is quite familiar to many U.S. veterans.
Illegal Kills/Mutilates Woman

(Queens, New York) Here's an ugly story from this week. I contend that this terrible crime only occurred because people awaiting deportation are allowed to run free.
A Queens man is accused of ripping out a woman's heart and lungs after she turned down his romantic advances and didn't find him a job, according to investigators.

After harassing 46-year-old victim Qian Wu for years, 47-year-old suspect Huang Chen is accused of bludgeoning and stabbing her to death and removing her organs, which have not been recovered.

Chen, who lives two doors away from Wu's Flushing apartment, met the woman in 2006 when he went to an employment agency she ran out of her home. Apparently, Wu was unable or unwilling to find Chen a job, and the Times reports she also rebuffed Chen's "romantic advances."

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said: "For whatever reason, he felt slighted ... And he went back and began this series of harassment, basically threats." Wu filed for nine orders or protection against the undocumented immigrant — the most recent filed last Friday.

Chen was jailed in 2006 for punching and choking Wu, and sent to Texas where he faced deportation proceedings. However, he was let out under supervised release last week and returned to New York.
Thank goodness he was on supervised release. It's hard to imagine what would have happened had he not been supervised.

Chen was booked into custody on a second-degree murder charge plus stalking, possession of a weapon and tampering with evidence.
Gun-Watch Safety Feature

(Las Vegas, Nevada) Introduced at this year's Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show was this high-tech gun and watch combination. Apparently, the safety feature prevents accidental shootings.

The gun-watch pair is manufactured by Armatix GmbH.
The German firm has an electronic safety that automatically disables the pistol when it’s not within a few inches of a custom wristwatch. The watch sends a wireless arming signal to the gun.

If the gun is picking up a signal from the watch, a green LED on the back lights up. Try squeezing the handle without wearing the watch, and you will see a red warning light.

Anyone can pick up a limited edition version of the pistol for about 7,000 euro, which is pretty steep for a .22cal plinker. They start shipping next month.
Note that 7,000 euros equals US$9,720 at current exchange rates.

Regarding the gun-watch combo, I'm curious as to whether the combination will work if the shooter wears his watch on his left arm which is typical for people who shoot right-handed. And another thing. What happens if someone steals the watch? It's pretty ugly but stranger things have happened.

In any event, the gun-watch combo places equal importance, if not more, on the control and protection of the watch as with the gun. To assure your firearm is secured, you now have to first make sure your watch is properly secured. Jeez! I'd hate to have to fumble around looking for my watch in the dark late at night when I hear an intruder in my home.
"Freeze, Mister, I have a watch!"

Companion posts at GunWatch and The Jawa Report.
Women Cuddle From Guilt

According to this report, there is a specific reason that women need to cuddle after sex.
For women, sex and intimacy tend to be intertwined in an obligatory way because women often feel unconsciously guilty about having more sexual pleasure and fun than their mothers.

Sex for its own sake would feel like dancing on their mothers' graves.
My initial response is "Huh!" with a furrowed brow. My second response is "Well, OK" but I'm having a hard time buying it.
Three-Way Sex for Smokes Leads to Rape Claim

(Washington County, Tennessee) Two Telford women, Jessica Alexander, 18, and Tammy Ortega, 29, were jailed for allegedly filing false rape claims against a man they had sex with for a pack of cigarettes. Brand wasn't reported.

Jessica Kathleen Alexander and Tammy Nicole Ortega

After claiming rape, Alexander and Ortega recanted. The two women will be arraigned today (1/29) on charges of filing a false police report.
Ortega and Alexander stated they met a man on a telephone chat line, then offered to meet him and have sex in exchange for a pack of cigarettes.

Police say the women met the male subject and did indeed trade sex for a pack of cigarettes. After the sex, the man left, and the women decided to file a police report claiming they were raped.

Alexander later stated they filed the false police report because they didn’t enjoy the sex.
Ortega and Alexander were booked into custody at the Washington County Detention Center with bond set at $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.

From a cultural standpoint, one must question what is happening in society. Since when is a pack of butts worth sex with two women? And since when did women get the outrageous idea that non-enjoyment of sex should be criminalized? Holy moly.

Tip: Charles Nestor (alleged two-pack-a-day man)
Must not forget that Obama is black???

We read:
"An American television presenter has come under fire for remarking that he forgot President Obama was black. Staunch liberal Chris Matthews said ‘I forgot he was black’ while commenting on Mr Obama’s State of the Union speech on Wednesday. ‘He is post-racial, by all appearances,’ the host of MSNBC said on the air. ‘I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.

And although the Democrat supporter meant it as praise, it quickly caused uproar – with claims that America’s projected ‘post-racial’ image is a simply myth. Many called the quote a troubling sign that blackness is viewed - perhaps unconsciously - as a handicap that still needs to be overcome. ‘As a black American I want people to remember who I am and where I come from without attaching assumptions about deficiency to it,’ said Dr Imani Perry, a professor at Princeton University’s Centre for African American Studies.


I think the critics have a point. Matthews knows as well as anybody else that blacks are a problem population but, like most Leftists, screams "racist" when anybody says as much. He just tripped up this time and inadvertently admitted his real thoughts. His offence is not racism but hypocrisy. It is not racist to admit reality, though it often is politically incorrect, of course.

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marijuana Supermarket

(Oakland, California) Not far from the Oakland Airport, a 15,000 square-foot, full-service medicinal marijuana supermarket opened today.

Called iGrow, it's a warehouse-sized, one-stop shop for all doper needs. It's been dubbed the Walmart of weed.
The folks at iGrow have a doctor on site to get you a cannabis card and sell you all the necessary equipment for indoor, hydroponic cultivation - from pumps, nutrients and tubing to lights and fans.

Don't know how to set it up? For a fee, on-site technicians will show you how to build it in your home and even maintain it weekly.

"A lot of people don't know much about growing pot," said Dhar Mann, 25, the owner, who stood in front of an array of Ikea-like displays, showing different rooms of cannabis cultivation systems. "Since there are no full-service resources like us, they take risks, like electrical fires."

This is hardly a fringe business. When iGrow opens today, at least three City Council members will attend. So will most of the leaders of the cannabis industry in Oakland, a city long at the vanguard of medicinal marijuana.
Say Hello to My Little Friend

Now there's a noisemaker with punch. Borrowed from here. I'm thinking there's a discrepancy that Dirty Harry should resolve.

Meanwhile, I'm told that the Glock 18 is preferred by smoking hot babe shooters.
Two Florida Teachers Guilty of Sex with Male Students - Updated

(Jay, Florida) On Tuesday, two former Jay High School teachers, Ashley Elenea Burkett, 32, and April Burford Watson, 33, pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual activity with male students.

Ashley Burkett - April Watson

According to Florida sentencing guidelines, the convictions carry a minimum of 33 months prison time as punishment.
When interviewed, the victims admitted to having sex with the teachers between July and October 2007.

Two of the boys had sex with Watson at her home and Burkett's home. One said he had sex with Burkett at her home and at Watson's home.

Burkett taught reading and special-education students and was the assistant coach for the volleyball team. Watson taught math and was the junior varsity cheerleader adviser.
Sentencing is scheduled for April 14.

* * * * *

Two Florida Teachers Accused of Sex with Male Students
[Previous 8/7/09 post]
(Jay, Florida) Two teachers at Jay High School, Ashley Elenea Burkett, 31, and April Burford Warson, 33, were arrested yesterday afternoon for allegedly engaging in sex with three 17-year-old male students between July and October 2007. An anonymous letter sent to the school board led to the arrests.

The alleged sexual encounters reportedly occurred at Burkett's and Watson's homes.
Burkett teaches reading, special-education students and is the assistant coach for the volleyball team. Watson teaches math and is the junior varsity cheerleader adviser, according the Jay High School Web site.

“The case made public involving two teachers within our school district being charged with improper conduct with minor age children is now in the judicial system,” School Board Chairman Ed Gray said in a prepared statement. “We are confident the investigation by the sheriff’s department and the adjudication within our court system of the charges will effectively deal with the matter. The school district will cooperate with all investigating agencies in a responsible matter.”
Burkett and Watson were booked into custody at the Santa Rosa County Jail and later released on $50,000 bond each.
Brooklyn Coach Accused of Sex Abuse of Girl, 14

(Brooklyn, New York) A 37-year-old gym teacher and volleyball coach, Lisa Guttilla, was arrested last Friday for allegedly feeling up a 14-year-old girl. Guttilla teaches at James Madison High School and coaches at the private Poly Prep Country Day School.

Guttilla has been charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.
The abuse came to light when the teen's mother started asking questions about a hickey on her neck - and she confessed to sexy sessions with Guttilla between Jan. 4 and 9.

A complaint filed in Brooklyn Criminal Court says the teacher did "touch, grab, squeeze and kiss the [girl] about the breast and buttock."

Guttilla was charged with sexual abuse and child endangerment and sent to the "rubber room" - a reassignment center for teachers under investigation.
Notably, James Madison High School is gaining a reputation as a hotbed of frisky female libidos. In recent months, French teacher Alini Brito, 29, and Spanish teacher Cindy Mauro, 33, were allegedly caught naked while embracing in a classroom and social studies teacher Alison Musacchio was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a male student.

It's also worth mentioning that James Madison High School has a distinguished history. Its graduates have encompassed the famous and accomplished, including Nobel Prize winners, U.S. Senators and Supreme Court Justices. Other notables include singer/songwriter Carole King, comedian Chris Rock, TV judge Judy Sheindlin and Gambino crime family button Roy DeMeo.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Women Use More Brain

According to a study:
"The researchers also establish that as a woman’s work involves a lot of decision-making and lateral thinking, they tend to use more brain than men and this also results in a need for more sleep."
Okay. I'm staying out of this discussion since I've been told that my opinion would be sexist.
Data Points

The entire population of Venezuela is approximately one-half the number of aborted American fetuses since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Venezuela has an estimated population of 26 million and change. According to this source, the total number of abortions performed in the U.S. since 1973 is 52 million.

Despite whether a person is for or against abortion, it's hard to dispute the contention that 52,000,000 is a very large number of lost Americans.
Burying Children to Cure Polio

(Uttar Pradesh, India) In the town of Meerut, the local population is caught in a minor controversy regarding the healing powers of solar eclipses.

A traditional cure for polio practiced by local families is to bury their children's body parts in the local cemetery. It's believed that the combination of a solar eclipse and graveyard dirt cures polio.
According to Manzoor Ahmed, one of the parents at the scene, “Solar eclipse affects everything. It has been scientifically proven.”

Shaheen Fatima, who buried her son’s leg in the dirt, further clarifies this strange behavior, saying, “We believe that the solar eclipse affects the soil also…the soil undergoes some changes during the eclipse and hence it may correct the deformity in the children.”
In disagreement, a local astrologer has denounced the healing powers of solar eclipses.

So the local population is conflicted. Do they bury their children or listen to the local astrologer? You make the call.
Dying Young with Heroin

(Lancaster, New York) A 17-year-old local high school student, Matthew S. Rybinski, reportedly died last month from an overdose of heroin.
Matthew Rybinski’s death puts a human face on heroin addiction and other drug use among young people in Lancaster — and in virtually every local community, suburban or urban.

“I don’t think it’s unique to Lancaster,” said Charles H. Tomaszewski, agent in charge of the Buffalo office of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. “I just think it’s a problem in most suburbs in Western New York and across the country.”

The Erie County medical examiner’s office investigated 64 fatal drug overdoses from Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties in 2009, according to Health Department public information officer Kevin P. Montgomery. Eleven of those 64, including Matthew, were 25 or younger.
Rybinski's addiction apparently started with marijuana and then advanced to prescription painkillers such as Lortab and OxyContin. According to Dale M. Kasprzyk of the DEA, the transition from prescription drugs to heroin is quite common and easy since heroin is much less expensive.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Priest Accused of Spanking

Okay readers, take a bite at this story from California.
A priest on loan to the Diocese of Monterey has returned to his home base in Ohio after allegations surfaced last week that he “overzealously spanked” a boy more than 35 years ago.

The Rev. Ron Wiecek, who belongs to the Holy Order of Most Precious Blood, has been on loan to the Diocese of Monterey for the past 20 years, said spokesman Warren Hoy.

Hoy said Wiecek is accused of spanking the boy, now in his 40s, in 1974 while he was a teacher for the Diocese of Santa Rosa.
I can't figure it out. Maybe the accuser was working a grudge list and it took 35 years to get down to Father Wiecek. Or maybe the accuser has been in a coma and just recently woke up. Or maybe the accuser had repressed memories only recently exposed through psychological therapy. Readers can choose.
California Teacher Carmina Lopez Acquitted - Updated

(Chula Vista, California) Thirty-three-year-old teacher Carmina Erica Lopez was acquitted yesterday of child molestation.
The jurors simply didn’t believe her accuser.

As they rendered their not-guilty verdicts in Chula Vista Superior Court yesterday, a shaking Carmina Erica Lopez hugged her attorney and began to cry.

The South Bay teacher was acquitted of 10 counts of child molestation and one count of providing drugs to a minor.
In the end, the jury found the accuser, now a 16-year-old, not believable and insufficient evidence to support a conviction.

* * * * *

California Teacher Collared on 40 Counts of Child Molestation
[Previous 1/29/09 post]
(Chula Vista, California) A 32-year-old fifth-grade teacher at Sunnyslope Elementary School, Carmina Lopez, was arrested yesterday for allegedly molesting a male student for four years, starting in 2004 when he was 11 years old. The boy is now 15.

According to Chula Vista Police Lt. Dan Linney, Lopez began the relationship with the boy when she was his sixth-grade teacher.
The relationship with the boy ended last year, Linney said.

Lopez was still being questioned by detectives early Thursday. She faces at least 40 counts of unlawful sex with a minor and child molestation charges, Linney said.
The investigation continues.

Tip: David L.
Some fun from New Zealand

Someone is a bit too outspoken for their own good
"Writing "fake Maori" on their faces with marker pen tattoos to attract tourists has landed a Kiwi tour operator in hot water. The venture, called Discovery Heritage Centre, has admitted hiring Europeans, including French and Israelis, to dress in traditional Maori outfits and poke their tongues out in Maori war dance custom to lure tourists from cruise ships.

The director of the company has added fuel to the fire by saying she's only employing the "fakes" because Maori people in the North Island New Zealand town of Tauranga are too lazy to work. "Some of our Maori are too slack to promote themselves. Some of our Maori are too lazy to get out of bed to do that," Terina Puriri told the Herald on Sunday. "They don't turn up and it's a known thing for Tauranga Maori to do that."

The company provides "cultural liaison" and on-board dance performances for cruise ship tourists. Performers include a few authentic part-indigenous people and at least three foreigners dressed in feathered robes, holding traditional wooden weapons and with pen marks scrawled on their faces.

Ms Puriri said she had no problem using foreigners, adding that tourists didn't mind because they "love us purely because we are proud of (Maori) culture and we look beautiful".


From the surname I gather that Ms Puriri is herself Maori or part Maori. Maoris are Polynesians -- like native Hawaiians

More fun from New Zealand

We read:
"An advertisement for a "midget" or "large-chested woman" to act as a beer wench has landed some New Zealand sports fans in controversy. The men placed an ad for a "beer bitch" to fetch cold drinks for them at the Rugby Sevens in Wellington next month. The lucky woman would be rewarded with "cuddles and shoulder rides", wrote the men, who run a blog called When in Rome Bro.

The ad outraged the organisation Little People of New Zealand, with spokeswoman Caela Brackenbury telling The Dominion Post newspaper it was hurtful to refer to small people as midgets. "It goes along on par with the word 'n*gger'. It's seen in that light," said Ms Brackenbury, whose organisation's motto is "Walk tall".[LOL!]

It seemed many others agreed. The ad was pulled off website Trade Me after 27 complaints were received.

But 11 women found no fault with it, enthusiastically applying for the gig with photographs and blurbs about their "bubbly" nature. Cake decorator Melissa Tapa told the Post she applied for the job to meet new people and try something different, and did not believe the ad was discriminatory. "I'm not a PC person," the young woman said.


Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Babysitter Gets Prison for Molesting Two Boys - Updated

(Springfield, Missouri) In October 2009, former teacher and babysitter Laura D. Kirkland pleaded guilty to two different molestation charges involving boys.

Earlier today, Kirkland was sentenced to seven years in prison by Circuit Judge Calvin Holden.
Kirkland received a 14-year suspended sentence and probation for first-degree statutory sodomy and first-degree statutory rape, charges filed on July 23, 2008, for molesting a boy while he was between 8 and 10 years old.

She received a seven-year sentence, with no probation, for second-degree statutory sodomy, a charge filed on Feb. 3, 2009, for her relationship with a 16-year-old boy.

A prosecutor estimates Kirkland likely will serve three to five years of that sentence before being paroled.
Kirkland will be required to attend sex offender counseling and register as a sex offender.

* * * * *

Babysitter Charged with Rape of Boy, 11
[Previous 7/24/08 post]
(Springfield, Missouri) A 25-year-old local babysitter, Laura D. Kirkland, has been accused of raping and sodomizing a child.
According to a probable cause statement, an 11-year-old boy said this week in an interview with Child Advocacy investigators that his ex-baby sitter Laura D. Kirkland made him touch her.

The child also said his baby sitter performed oral sex on him and described having intercourse with her. He said the incidents happened at her house from the time was 8 (sic) until he was 10 years old, and that he was scared when she did these things.

The probable cause statement said Kirkland, 25, admitted to sexual contact, including performing oral sex on the child and having sexual intercourse with the child.
Kirkland was booked into custody at the Greene County Jail with bond set at $75,000 (another source reports bond set at $50,000).

[Update 7/25/08]

According to this report, Kirkland was not only a babysitter but also a fifth-grade teacher at Christian Schools of Springfield, operated by the Baptist Temple Church. The senior pastor at Baptist Temple, Mark Rounsaville, said Kirkland wouldn't be returning this fall.

Kirkland has a preliminary hearing scheduled for August 26.
Chavez Closes Radio Caracas Television

(Caracas, Venezuela) President Hugo Chavez has shut down Radio Caracas Television, RCTV, for its criticism of the government and for not broadcasting Chavez's marathon speeches as required by new regulations.

Re-education camps cannot be far off.
Iraqi Doctor-Killer Stays in Britain to Protect Human Rights

(Yorkshire, England) The Brits are nuts.
AN Iraqi immigrant who stabbed two doctors to death at a Yorkshire hospital has won the right to remain in Britain – after judges ruled that he would pose a danger to the public in his homeland.

Paranoid schizophrenic Laith Alani, 41, has been kept in secure hospitals for 19 years after he killed consultant cosmetic surgeons Kenneth Paton and Michael Masser at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

The Home Office wanted to deport him to Iraq on his release, but an immigration tribunal decided such a move would breach his human rights and put people in the Middle Eastern country at risk.

Alani, who told police he carried out the attack because he had received a "command from Allah", could be set free next year.
Correct me if I'm reading this report wrong but it seems that the Brits are going to protect the public in Iraq by placing the British public at risk. How crazy is that? What happens next year when he's freed and given another "command from Allah?"

Instances of freeing paranoid schizophrenic killers encourage me to strongly support capital punishment. It's insane to give them a chance to kill again.
Exposed Hollywood Hottie

Consistent with my intent to keep Interested-Participant at the PG-13 level, I'll just provide a link. Frightening children is unacceptable.
When Pigs Explode, Activists Go Ballistic

(United Kingdom) Using live pigs, the UK military is conducting explosives experiments simulating terrorists attacks. Some people are outraged.
In total, 18 pigs were wrapped in Kevlar before being blown up, just three yards from an explosive device, at the Government’s secret military research lab at Porton Down in Wiltshire.

The pigs were anaesthetised before the explosions and following the blast were left to bleed, allowing scientists to find out how long it takes for the blood to drain from the body.

The experiments are aimed to help soldiers, medics and emergency services understand how to control haemorrhaging in bomb blast victims.
[As an aside, based on public information, it seems that there is little that is secret about the government's "secret military research lab."

We know the lab location, experiments performed, experiment methodology and the desired results. Don't tell anyone. It's secret.]
In any event, animal rights activists are having cows over the exploding pigs. Me? I think sacrificing pigs in anti-terrorism research with the goal of saving human life is reasonable.
Animal Rights Activist Recruiting

(Reading, Pennsylvania) Hey, got some free time for community involvement? Want to see an end to animal domestication, husbandry and consumption? Then this may be for you.
The Humane Society of Berks County Inc. will host a free workshop, Humane 101, for those seeking to be animal-rights activists.

The presentation on Wednesday by a representative of the Humane Society of the United States will be in the Berks group's office, 1801 N. 11th St.

It will include a discussion on basic techniques for citizen activists to encourage policy changes and information on priority animal issues in Pennsylvania.
RSVP encouraged. Check the link.
Homosexuality Not Chosen Says Expert

From San Francisco:
The final witness for gays and lesbians seeking to overturn California's ban on same-sex marriage testified Friday that most people don't choose their sexual orientation, few people change it and "conversion therapy" is useless and potentially harmful.

"The vast majority of people are consistent in their (sexual) behavior, their identity and their attractions," Gregory Herek, a UC Davis psychology professor, said at the San Francisco federal court trial on the constitutionality of Proposition 8.
I'm at a loss to understand. My familiarity with the roots of human behavior details two categories, 1) that which is learned (environmentally-derived), and 2) that which is hereditary (genetic).

Therefore, according to my likely-flawed understanding, the only way for gays and lesbians to not choose their lifestyle would be for it to be genetically pre-programmed. So far, my reading hasn't found any research which identifies the "gay and lesbian" gene.

Based upon my non-professional glance at the subject, Professor Herek's contention that people don't choose their sexual orientation must be wrong. Either that or Mr. Herek is not only a psychology professor but also a cutting-edge hobbyist in research genetics who hasn't reported his latest ground-breaking findings.
Suicide Divers in Japan

(Tokyo, Japan) The Japanese are killing themselves and stopping trains.
Operations of 35,300 trains were delayed over 30 minutes or canceled in Japan in fiscal 2008 due to ‘‘suicide divers,’’ the worst since fiscal 2002 when the data became available, a transport ministry survey showed Sunday.

Of the 35,300, 21,100, or 60 percent, were trains operated in the metropolitan area in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

The ministry has been calling on the railway operators to introduce effective measures to prevent suicides on railroads, such as building fences between the railways and platforms.
Bigotry at a Jesuit university

You might expect St Louis university to be bigoted in favor of Catholicism. But you would not know much about present-day Catholic universities if you did. The loyalty to the Pope and the zeal for the purity of Roman doctrine that was once central to the Society of Jesus is long gone. Their founder would see the so-called Jesuits of today as the Apostles of the Devil. These days, their bigotry is in favor of Islam and against any critical examination of it. St. Ignatius of Loyola would be astounded by them.
"Does a double-standard exist at Saint Louis University? Recent events at the Jesuit university might cause you to believe one does.

This weekend, SLU’s Muslim Students’ Association hosted a three-day conference, “Saving Our Deen: Living a Muslim life in a not-so Muslim world,” at the school’s Busch Student Center. Part of the conference agenda — which included speakers from Chicago, Dallas, Maryland and Canada — was a 45-minute presentation entitled, “Recognizing Our Enemies,” by Shaykh Khalid Abdul Sattar of Maryland.

Three months ago, SLU officials blocked David Horowitz from coming to their campus to deliver a speech entitled, “An Evening with David Horowitz: Islamo-Fascism Awareness and Civil Rights.” They cited fears that his subject matter might include an attack on the Muslim faith.

Is there a difference between the two? Without attending each presentation, I cannot say, so I decided to look deeper into the people and organizations behind each presentation.

In researching the background of the MSA, I learned that, according to this article, documents seized by the FBI and entered as evidence in a Texas court revealed that MSA is a legacy project of the Muslim Brotherhood. In another article, this one by Douglas Farah, I learned the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda includes “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” Violence.

In researching Horowitz’s background, I found the organization that bears his name (David Horowitz Freedom Center) was established to institutionalize his campaigns against the Left and its anti-Americanism and that DHFC’s mission is to defend the principles of individual freedom, the rule of law, private property, and limited government. Non-violence.


Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"How Would You Like Your Steak?"

(Canton, Ohio) According to this report, 21-year-old Robert T. Jenkins likes his steak hosed with urine.
A Canton man remains in jail after being arrested for urinating on a meat counter at a Wal-Mart store.

According to Lt. Linda Brown of the Canton Police Department, Robert T. Jenkins, 21, of Canton, was arrested at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning and charges with felony vandalism and disorderly conduct.
More than $600-worth of steaks were destroyed. Jenkins was booked into custody at the Stark County Jail with bond set at $25,000.

Tip: slwlion
Global Warming Hooey Award - Updated

Christopher Booker Prize 2009

This year's award for the most whoppers in a piece of environmental/global warming journalism goes to John Tomlinson of the Flint Journal. Tomlinson ticked up 18 misleading statements in 486 words. That's one reeker every 26 words.

The award is named after Christopher Booker of the Sunday Telegraph who has established a reputation for whoppers or exposing whoppers (thanks JR). Candidly, I've not heard of the guy before now.
The usual Warmist love of partial data

A recent Warmist paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research purports to disprove claims that U.S. temperature-measuring sites are poorly located and thus lead to a "warm bias" in their measurements:
On the reliability of the U.S. Surface Temperature Record

By Matthew J. Menne, Claude N. Williams, Jr., and Michael A. Palecki


Recent photographic documentation of poor siting conditions at stations in the U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) has led to questions regarding the reliability of surface temperature trends over the conterminous U.S. (CONUS). To evaluate the potential impact of poor siting/instrument exposure on CONUS temperatures, trends derived from poor and well-sited USHCN stations were compared.

Results indicate that there is a mean bias associated with poor exposure sites relative to good exposure sites; however, this bias is consistent with previously documented changes associated with the widespread conversion to electronic sensors in the USHCN during the last 25 years. Moreover, the sign of the bias is counterintuitive to photographic documentation of poor exposure because associated instrument changes have led to an artificial negative ("cool") bias in maximum temperatures and only a slight positive ("warm") bias in minimum temperatures.

These results underscore the need to consider all changes in observation practice when determining the impacts of siting irregularities. Further, the influence of non-standard siting on temperature trends can only be quantified through an analysis of the data. Adjustments applied to USHCN Version 2 data largely account for the impact of instrument and siting changes, although a small overall residual negative ("cool") bias appears to remain in the adjusted maximum temperature series.

Nevertheless, the adjusted USHCN temperatures are extremely well aligned with recent measurements from instruments whose exposure characteristics meet the highest standards for climate monitoring. In summary, we find no evidence that the CONUS temperature trends are inflated due to poor station siting.

So how do they arrive at that conclusion? Anybody who has seen pictures of the temperature-measuring sites located right beside artificial heat sources would have to be amazed.

Easy, Peasy! The old warmist trick of using only part of the data. They took their data from a preliminary list of sites published by the skeptical blog But that list included less than 50% of the actual temperature-measuring sites. The list is presently up to 82% but the authors of the blog are waiting for it to reach 100% so that they can publish a full analysis. Some temperature stations are easier to get at than others so there is no reason to believe that the preliminary list is representative of the whole. Another problem with the preliminary list is that the categorization of stations as "good" or "bad" was also preliminary and hence wrong in some instances. The number of temperature-measuring sites that conform to official guidelines about where they should be located is actually quite small so the preliminary list was too optimistic about that. I hear informally that the nearly-complete data is showing a very different picture from that described above.

Amusing, though, that scientific journals are now accepting skeptical blogs as a source of data. The worm certainly is turning. I might also mention something that only academics would know: The publication of the above paper gives the skeptical scientists an excellent "hook" to hang their own paper on and more or less ensures that their paper will be accepted for publication in the same journal. Given the general resistance to publishing skeptical papers, that is very handy. It is a rare case of the crooks making it easier for honest men.

And when I say "crooks" I mean it quite literally. It is generally regarded in scientific circles as highly unethical to "jump the gun" -- i.e. to publish analyses of someone else's data before they have had a chance to publish it themselves. But who expects ethics of Warmists?

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Battered Husband Defense in Wife Beheading Case - Updated

(Buffalo, New York) Television executive and accused wife-murderer Muzzammil S. "Mo" Hassan, 45, fired his first lawyer and retained another, Frank Bogulski, who immediately claimed the battered spouse defense.
"The spouse was the dominant figure in this relationship," Bogulski told a reporter afterward. "He was the victim. She was verbally abusive. She had humiliated him."

The allegations prompted an immediate rebuke from the prosecution.

"He chopped her head off," District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said of Hassan. "He chopped her head off. That's all I have to say about Mr. Hassan's apparent defense that he was a battered spouse." [...]

Bogulski said he has already begun interviewing psychiatric experts as part of his strategy for using some form of a psychiatric defense. He stressed he also will use a justification defense based on the claim that Hassan was "a battered" spouse verbally abused and humiliated often by his wife.
Hassan is still in jail awaiting trial.

Interestingly, since Hassan claims abuse and humiliation leading to the beheading one week after his wife filed for divorce, it seems more like an honor killing as opposed to a battered spouse situation. I suspect a jury won't buy the battered husband defense.

* * * * *

NY Muslim TV Boss Beheads Wife
[Previous 2/14/09 post]
(Buffalo, New York) The founder of an Islamic television network, programmed to portray Muslims more positively, beheaded his wife this week.

Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan, 44, surrendered to police and admitted to murdering his wife, Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. She had been brutally beheaded.

Reportedly, Aasiya Hassan had filed for divorce and the couple had a history of incidents of physical abuse.
Muzzammil Hassan came to Orchard Park Police Headquarters at 6:20 p. m. Thursday and said that his wife was dead, Chief Andrew Benz said Friday.

Hassan told police that his wife was at the television station, where officers went and found her body.

Also involved in the investigation are personnel from the Sheriff’s Office, state police, Hamburg police, the District Attorney’s Office and the county’s Central Police Services Laboratory.

Parents of Muzzammil Hassan were thought to be en route to the area from Texas. Parents of Aasiya Hassan were said to be coming from Pakistan, and the mother of the older Hassan children was said to be coming from Pennsylvania.
Muzzammil Hassan was arraigned yesterday on a charge of second-degree murder. He was booked into custody. It's not clear if a bail amount will be set.

Although some financial difficulties have been reported, Hassan's television network, Bridges TV, continues to broadcast programming to counter violent perceptions of Muslims. Kind of ironic, eh?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indiana Babysitters Charged with Child Molestation - Updated

(Terre Haute, Indiana) Dawn Timko and her husband, Kevin Timko, were formally charged this week with five felonies including child molestation, child exploitation, and criminal deviate conduct.
"Initially there was a report to the West Terre Haute Police Department from the mother of the victims, and that led to a full-fledged investigation," Vigo County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Rob Roberts said.

Kevin Timko is being held on $100,000 bond with no 10 percent allowed. Dawn Timko is being held on $75,000 bond with no 10 percent allowed.
Both Timkos are due back in court on Monday. (h/t Lame)

* * * * *

Indiana Babysitter Accused of Child Molestation
[Previous 1/16/10 post]
(Terre Haute, Indiana) A 37-year-old local babysitter, Dawn M. Timko, was arrested yesterday for allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct with children she was babysitting. Timko has been charged with felony child molestation.
Detective Tony Quinn of the Indiana State Police testified in court Friday afternoon that police have a DVD with video of an adult woman performing sex acts on two children. Quinn stated that ISP was asked by West Terre Haute Police to conduct the investigation after a woman alleged that her two daughters had been molested by Timko.

The mother stated that a video of the crime existed. Police did receive a DVD in the mail that allegedly was mailed by Timko’s husband. When police went to Timko’s residence, Quinn stated, pornography was found in the home, and Dawn Timko was identified as the woman shown on the DVD that had been sent to police.

After her arrest, Quinn stated, Timko said the children had been drugged and molested on other occasions.
Timko was booked into custody at the Vigo County Jail with bail set at $75,000 cash.
Child Therapist Arrested for Sex with Boy

(Bath, New York) A 28-year-old socio-therapist at Snell Farms Children Center, Jessica Wright, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sex with a 15-year-old male resident at the center. Wright faces charges of third-degree rape, third-degree criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to police, Wright had sex with the boy repeatedly, starting in the summer of 2008.

Wright was arraigned and released. A bail amount wasn't reported.
New York Woman Gets Jail for Rape of Boy

(Lockport, New York) In October 2009, 39-year-old Kristine R. Kornacki-Miller pleaded guilty to third-degree rape for engaging in a years-long sexual relationship with a boy starting at the age of 13.

This week, Kornacki-Miller was sentenced to six months in the county jail.

The victim's family expressed disappointment with the sentence. The family plans a civil suit against Kornacki-Miller.
Six No-Fly Listers Denied Boarding

In the two-day period between last Saturday and Monday, at least six people were denied boarding on international flights traveling to U.S. locations.
Two of the six were stopped at London's Heathrow Airport.

On Saturday, an Egyptian man on the no-fly list was stopped from flying on American Airlines flight 113 from London to Miami.

The next day, Sunday, a Saudi Arabian passenger was stopped from boarding United Airlines flight 929 to Chicago. Officials said the man was sent back to Saudi Arabia by the British.

In two other overseas cases involving people on the no-fly list, a man in Nairobi, Kenya was kept off a flight Sunday that would have connected in Amsterdam to Dallas, and a passenger attempting to fly on American Airlines to Los Angeles was stopped in Saint Maarten before he could board a connecting flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to officials.
Meanwhile, authorities have issued a BOLO for female suicide bombers trained by al Qaeda in Yemen. They may have Western passports and be non-Arab in appearance.

And if the foregoing doesn't make you just a little antsy, there's also news that the Brits have raised their terrorism threat level to "severe," the second-highest level. The change comes as London is preparing to host international meetings on Afghanistan and Yemen.
Inside the Massachusetts Senate Race

It's almost like Massachusetts became fly-over country for one brief, shining moment.
When I move to the Massachusetts Senora Coakley is first a very good lady. She no make me do the windows, only to bring the grocery and the morning tracking polls. She is very happy with the 30% lead and she is always the phone with Senor Reid and the real eastate brokers in Washington. But one morning I am bring her the tracking poll and she is now only up 15% and she is very angry. "Rosa! Why are you to bring me this! Throw this bad poll away and bring me the grapefruit."

Then, Dio mio, every day the poll is more bad, and she keep yelling louder. She stop asking for the grapefruit and ask for the Ben and Jerry ice cream. She say, "Rosa, why do the stupid voter people fall for the stupid Senor Brown and his stupid truck?" I say, I do no know Senora, maybe because he is the very handsome and against the health care taxes. This is make her very angry and to throw her Ben and Jerry across the kitchen.

When I am clean up the mess Senora Coakley say, "You are the Mexicana, yes Rosa? You must have the old pickup truck I can borrow for the campaign."

I say, "no Senora, I am from Guatemala. My cousin Estaban has the pickup, but it is need the new transmission."

Every day it is getting worse with yelling and the polls. Senora Coakley is on the phone with the Senator peoples and the White House peoples, especially after she say the bad things about the Red Sox man. "Why do I have to know all this things about the beisbol players?" she is yelling on the phone.
More of Rosa's story is here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Florida Teacher Gets Prison for Sex with Two Boys - Updated

(Tavares, Florida) Forty-year-old English teacher and cheer coach formerly at Eustis High School, Laura Lea Pace, was sentenced yesterday for engaging in sex with two schoolboys.
With both boys and their parents watching, Pace burst into tears near the end of the four-hour sentencing hearing in Lake County, fumbling to explain her behavior and apologizing to the teens and to her own family.

"I really am sorry," she said, sobbing loudly. "I can't blame anybody else but me…I understand I was the adult and it was my responsibility to know that there are boundaries and you do not cross them. I crossed them."

Circuit Judge Mark Nacke, who listened to testimony from two therapists who have worked closely with Pace, imposed the 24-month prison term to be followed by 10 years of sex-offender probation. He could have sentenced her to more than 20 years in prison if he had strictly followed Florida sentencing guidelines.

The victims were 15 and 16 when they had sex with Pace during the 2007-08 school year.
Defense lawyers unsuccessfully sought a community-control sentence for Pace since she was diagnosed with major depressive, anxiety and attention-deficit disorders. Prosecutors contended that Pace was predatory. She was ordered to register as a sex offender when released from prison and to wear an ankle monitor.

* * * * *

Florida Teacher Guilty of Sex with Two Boys - Updated
[Previous 11/28/09 post]
(Tavares, Florida) Forty-year-old teacher formerly at Eustis High School, Laura Lea Pace, pleaded guilty this week to lewd and lascivious battery of a child, showing obscene material to a minor, unlawful sexual activity with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Pace also pleaded no contest to providing marijuana to a person younger than 18.
Some of the sexual trysts occurred at Pace's home in Sorrento, according to a probable-cause affidavit that accused her of smoking marijuana with the boys and offering them Xanax, a prescription amphetamine.
A weepy Pace needed to be steadied by her attorney during the proceeding in which Circuit Judge Mark Nacke informed her that she would be ordered to register as a sex offender. Pace had no comment.

According to Assistant State Attorney Sara Jane Olson, Pace may have engaged in grade-fixing to reward her schoolboy lovers, an "absolute abuse of trust."

A sentencing date has yet to be scheduled.

* * * * *

Florida Teacher Accused of Sex with Two Boys
[Previous 10/17/08 post]
(Eustis, Florida) A 38-year-old teacher at Eustis High School, Laura Pace, has been accused of engaging in sex and smoking marijuana with two of her 16-year-old male students. The alleged offenses occurred during the 2007-08 school year.

Pace has been charged with five counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
One victim provided investigators with a hand-written letter Pace left in his mailbox, detailing their sexual involvement, according to Sgt. John Herrell with the Sheriff's Office.

Pace, an English teacher, was reassigned to a position with no student contact when the Sheriff's Office began investigating allegations against her earlier this month.
Pace is in custody. The Lake County Sheriff's Office continues investigating.
Feds Against Firearms Freedom

Regarding firearms made in Montana:
The Federal Government is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to exempt guns made in Montana from national gun control.

Last year gun advocates in Montana filed a lawsuit claiming the state should decide which rules would control the sale and purchase of guns made in Montana.

Any guns made here that stayed in the state would be exempt from the rules on federal gun registration, background checks, and dealer licensing.

This week - the Department of Justice filed a brief that said federal gun control is a valid exercise of the commerce power that congress has under The Constitution.
I suggest the words "federal gun control" tend to mean "no guns."

Companion post at GunWatch.
This Week's To-Do List

1) Republican candidate elected US Senator in Massachusetts - CHECK

2) SCOTUS overturns unconstitutional provisions in McCain-Feingold - CHECK

3) Air America announces bankruptcy, ceases broadcasting - CHECK

4) See WH talking faces Axelrod and Gibbs ridiculously blame voter anger on GW Bush - CHECK

5) See President Obama contend that he hasn't talked enough to the people - CHECK

6) See lefty pundits Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow metaphorically soil their panties on air - CHECK

7) Hear predictions that Dem Sen. Reid, Boxer, others have no chance at reelection - CHECK

8) Note death watch started for commie Kim Jong-il - CHECK

And, this is only Friday!
Air America Quits

From Air America:
It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our Board, that we must announce that Air America Media is ceasing its live programming operations as of this afternoon, and that the Company will file soon under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to carry out an orderly winding-down of the business.

The very difficult economic environment has had a significant impact on Air America's business. This past year has seen a "perfect storm" in the media industry generally. National and local advertising revenues have fallen drastically, causing many media companies nationwide to fold or seek bankruptcy protection. From large to small, recent bankruptcies like Citadel Broadcasting and closures like that of the industry's long-time trade publication Radio and Records have signaled that these are very difficult and rapidly changing times.

Those companies that remain are facing audience fragmentation as a result of new media technologies, are often saddled with crushing debt, and have generally found it difficult to obtain operating or investment capital from traditional sources of funding. In this climate, our painstaking search for new investors has come close several times right up into this week, but ultimately fell short of success.
Bottom line, it's somebody else's fault caused by a "perfect storm" of problems in the radio/media industry. Heh. Strangely, no mention is made that it's not stormy everywhere.

Tip: Chuck Nestor
Update on flag case: Old soldier wins

Last mentioned by me on 6th. Dec.
"A 90-year-old Medal of Honor winner can keep his 21-foot flagpole in his front yard after a homeowner’s association dropped its request to remove it, a spokesman for Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner said Tuesday. The Sussex Square homeowners’ association likewise has agreed to drop threats to take legal action against retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, Warner spokesman Kevin Hall said.

The association had threatened to take Barfoot, a Mississippi native, to court if he failed to remove the pole from his suburban Richmond home by Friday. It had said the pole violated the neighborhood’s aesthetic guidelines.

In a letter last week, Webb urged the association to “consider the exceptional nature of Col. Barfoot’s service when considering his pride and determination in honoring our flag.”

Barfoot was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions while his platoon was under German assault near Carano, Italy, in May 1944. He was credited with standing up to three German tanks with a bazooka and stopping their advance. He also received the Purple Heart and other decorations, and served in Korea and Vietnam before retiring from the service in 1974.


Background on the heroism of the man here and here. He is a national treasure.

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Burger King Opens in Russia

(Moscow, Russia) Today, Burger King opened its first restaurant in Russia. It's not known if the name will be changed to Burger Czar.

The restaurant opened in the Metropolis shopping mall in Moscow's north. The operator of the Shokoladnitsa coffee restaurant chain reportedly holds the Burger King franchise.

The Vedomosti business daily said an average bill in the restaurant would cost about 120-150 rubles ($4-5). According to the paper, more Burger King outlets are expected to open in Moscow, as well as outside the Russian capital. Later, Burger King will also open restaurants in other Russian cities.
Competitor McDonald's already has 240 Moscow restaurants. In any event, it's nice to see capitalism and entrepreneurship being allowed to succeed.
Vomit Cannon Goes to Gulf of Aden

A functional non-lethal puke-ray system has been developed and it's prepared for deployment.

US Air Force version of puke-ray system

Seagoing Scottish mercenaries/security operatives say they have deployed a radical laser puke-ray weapon aboard shipping transiting the pirate-plagued Gulf of Aden. The device may also be used on paparazzi by reclusive superyacht owners.

The Scotsman reports that ProForm Marine, a company run by ex-Royal Marine commandos and police officers, has provided its "SeaLase" weapon to an unnamed "500ft-long ship" which will be passing through the gulf "next month".

ProForm says it "works closely with superyacht owners and shipping companies" to protect vessels from "Paparazzi, Piracy and terrorism". The firm's management adds it can draw on a "pool of former Royal Marines to assist in 24-hour marine security".

Apart from teams of former commandos, the company also offers technological solutions to shipowners worried about piracy or muckraking tabloid snappers.
Apparently, the weapon shoots a beam which affects the vision and induces nausea.
Georgia Teacher Arrested for Sex with Boy, 14

(Paulding County, Georgia) A 40-year-old teacher at Austin Middle School in Douglasville, Shanna Detwieler (aka Detweiler), was arrested Tuesday for allegedly engaging in "inappropriate sexual contact" with a 14-year-old boy. A description of what constitutes "appropriate sexual contact" with a 14-year-old boy was not disclosed.

Detwieler was charged with child molestation and sexual battery.

Details regarding the case are sketchy. It is reported, however, that the episode of inappropriate sexual contact did not occur on school property. It's also put forth that the victim wasn't a student of Detweiler's.

Detweiler was booked into custody at the Paulding County Detention Center and later released on $4,050 bond.
Saudis Condemn Fitness in Women

(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) The Islamic Kingdom forbids women's health and fitness clubs, even when they are attached to hospitals. According to one health official:
"Anyone who violates regulations governing the running of health facilities would be punished severely because this involves people's health."
"People's" must mean women since men's fitness and health facilities are quite proper.

It's time for the feminists to march and protest this obvious example of gender discrimination. Maybe that gang of babes who protested the Masters Golf Tournament could redirect their outrage.

Women Protest Discrimination at Masters

Obviously, the Saudi women need to organize similarly and coordinate with global feminist groups to fight discrimination and inequality in Saudi Arabia. A nice start would be for Western women's groups to weigh in on the situation and express outrage at how the Saudi men treat women. Strangely, the sisterhood is not globally united.
Kim Jong-il Death Predicted - Updated

(Seoul, South Korea) The state-run Korea Institute for National Unification has predicted that North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-il will croak in 2012.
A military coup, riots, massacres and a massive exodus could follow Kim’s death, KINU said in its report.

It is rare for a state-run South Korean think tank to go into such detail in forecasting changes in North Korea in a publicly issued report since such speculation is a red rag to Pyongyang.
Kim's predicted demise is a wild card in North Korea's future. Nobody knows what will happen when the commie underbosses battle for power. Hell, the next guy might even be worse.

* * * * *

Kim Jong-il with Pancreatic Cancer
[Previous 7/13/09 post]
(Seoul, South Korea) Unidentified intelligence sources in South Korea and China have stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, 67, has pancreatic cancer. Reportedly, the cancer was diagnosed last summer when he collapsed due to a stroke.

There is some skepticism, though. According to one insider, intelligence leaks out of South Korea are quite susceptible to manipulation for political purposes.

Despite uncertainty regarding the latest report of Kim's health, recent pictures of the Dear Leader show a gaunt and rapidly aging person who likely won't enjoy too many more sunrises.

For those wishing to send Get Well cards to the Dear Leader, please seek professional counseling.
Twitter Nylons

Feeling ignored on Twitter? Nobody reading your tweets?

Hey, don't be sad. There's an application that may help snare some followers. The app may help with Facebook and MySpace too.

Twitter Nylons

Details here.
Cockpit Door Locks

In the wake of the 9/11/01 terror attacks, federal regulators imposed sweeping requirements on airlines to install cockpit door locks.

The locks are supposed to be impenetrable to boxcutter-wielding terrorists. Unfortunately, problems have been encountered.
Airlines and aviation authorities around the globe are worried that cockpit door locks installed on at least 1,600 widely used jetliners to keep intruders from accessing flight decks might be defective, according to people familiar with the details.

Regulators from the U.S., Europe and other countries are scrambling to ensure that airlines complete mandated repairs in the coming months on some 800 Boeing Co. 747 jumbo jets, these people said. U.S. airlines also are under the gun to fix cockpit doors on hundreds more Airbus A320s or other commonly used Airbus models.

Overall, industry officials and security experts estimate that thousands of commercial jets world-wide still require some type of cockpit-door modification.
Apparently, it's real hard to install a lock.
DIY Global Positioning System

Hey, forget about spending hundreds of dollars for a fancy, schmancy electronic gizmo when you can get by with a ten-dollar plastic Earth and a bit of glue.
Lights Out, Make Babies

(Seoul, South Korea) The South Korean government is taking action to address the nation's alarmingly low birthrate.

The Health Ministry has announced that it will be turning out the lights in its offices at 7:30 PM every third Wednesday in the month so staffers can "go home early and make babies."
'Going home early may have no direct link to having more kids, but you cannot just completely rule out a possible link between them,' Choi Jin Sun, who is in charge if the project at the ministry, told AFP.

Low birthrate is a pressing issue in this fast-ageing society. South Korea's birthrate - the average number of babies born during a woman's lifetime - remained near the world's lowest at 1.19 in 2008 and there are fears the population will begin shrinking within a decade.

'It won't be too long before our children are burdened with supporting the elderly,' Health Minister Jeon Jae Hee told the Korea Times newspaper.

'Korea may lose out in the global economic competition due to a lack of manpower. It is actually the most urgent and important issue the country is facing.' Married staff at the ministry are not doing their bit, with an average of 1.63 children compared to the average of 1.82 among all civil servants. The ministry aims to increase the figure to 2.0 in two years.
Low birthrates have been singled out as a major concern in other countries also.
Have the voters of a small and rather gullible American State just knocked global warming on the head?

The most far-reaching effect of Scott Brown’s upset victory in the Massachusetts senatorial election is likely to be on the world’s attempts to combat global warming. It will make it very much harder for a climate and energy bill – primarly promoted, as it happens, by the other senator from the hitherto famously liberal state, John Kerry – to pass the Senate, and that, in turn, would bedevil attempts to revive the prospects for a new international treaty after the fiasco in Copenhagen.

In truth the prospects for the Senate bill have been looking rocky for weeks, despite Kerry’s determined attempts to talk it up. Just two months ago it looked as if it might have a reasonable chance, despite the fact that several Democratic senators from coal and oil states were expected to vote against it, depriving the party of its filibuster-proof 60-strong supermajority. One Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, had joined Kerry in putting forward the bill and some ten others – who had expressed support for climate legislation in the past – were thought to be persuadable, especially if it made provision for massive support for nuclear power.

But the Republican leadership then made the issue one of party loyalty identifying it as a key issue for this autumn’s mid-term elections. Nasty attack ads were launched against Graham in his state, and it was made clear to other potential supporters of the bill that they could not expect any backing at the polls. Today’s result will add one more Republican vote against the bill, and make some Democrats more nervous about supporting it.

Obama does have a fallback strategy if the bill goes down – if he chooses to take it. As the Copenhagen conference opened, his administration took powers to regulate to cut carbon dioxide emissions through its Environment Protection Agency, and some environmentalists believe this would be more effective than relying on the “cap and trade” measures in the bill. Moreover, if the Administration did take this course, it might even revive support for the legislation, since industry would far prefer its proposals to the regulations.

It would take courage from Obama, and aggression, but that might be his political salvation. He has, in fairness, not been short of courage: taking up such contentious issues as healthcare and climate change during a recession shows that. But he has lacked political aggression. His disastrous rebuff in Massachusetts came partly because he had not taken the battle to his opposition over healthcare, stressing the benefits of reform, and so allowing his opponents to define it as an issue of cost and taxation.The Republicans have benefited by fighting for their convictions. If Obama fails to do the same, on today’s showing, he is likely to be done for anyway.


Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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