Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Moroccan Terror Cell Dismantled

(Rabat, Morocco) Since the May 2003 attacks in Casablanca, Moroccan authorities have been more aggressive in pursuing terrorists. Over 3,000 suspects have been arrested. Last month, 17 Moroccans linked to al Qaeda were arrested for planning attacks on tourist sites and public buildings. Today, it's reported that eleven more suspects were arrested.

From Aljazeera.net:
Eleven Moroccans were detained in sweeps of the allegedly nascent terrorist group believed to have links to a radical Islamic movement, the official Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP) news agency reported on Tuesday, citing unidentified police officials.
Details of the arrests were not released but it is known that the group was active along the Moroccan borders with Algeria and with Mali.
Its alleged leader, Mohamed Said Idghiri, was described as a militant in a radical Islamic group with international ties.

He was detained on returning from secret paramilitary training in the border area, with plans to carry out attacks, MAP said but did not elaborate.
The Moroccans appear to be dedicated to eliminating terrorist operatives within their country which, unfortunately, isn't true for all countries.

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