Saturday, September 23, 2006

Leader of Ansar al-Sunnah Captured

What a way to start Ramadan? Catch the murdering thug Muntasir al-Jibouri. Priceless.

Iraqi state television has reported that the leader of Ansar al-Sunna, a group with links to al-Qaeda in Iraq, has been captured along with two of his aides.

Muntasir al-Jibouri was arrested in the town of Muqdadiya, about 80km northeast of Baghdad, in the troubled province of Diyala, the report said.
It's not clear who his captors were but it's logical to assume he'll spend some time in an Iraqi prison. More pricelessness.

And, because of Ramadan, Jibouri will have to spend his days fasting, getting cranky from not eating, and having nothing to blow up.

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