Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Jersey Mom Gets Prison in Sex Case - Updated

(Woodbury, New Jersey) Mother-of-two Christine Sigall tearfully listened as Superior Court Judge Walter A. Marshall Jr. sentenced her to four years in prison for endangering the welfare of a child.
"Although I have no memory of the incident, I am truly sorry," Sigall told the judge, saying she was only concerned about herself at the time and "didn't see how my actions would affect those around me."
Defense attorney Brenda Maneri sought mitigation of the sentence to probation only by telling the court about Sigall's bipolar disorder and depression. She was unsuccessful. (h/t Not telling)

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New Jersey Mom Guilty of Sex with Boy, 13 - Updated
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(Woodbury, New Jersey) Yesterday, 34-year-old Christine Sigall pleaded guilty to sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy and to allowing two 13-year-old boys to smoke marijuana and view pornography while she was babysitting them.
In entering her guilty plea, Sigall said she had taken a sleep medication that is believed to cause an amnesia-like effect, and that while she couldn't recall allegations against her on Dec. 8, 2007 evening, she could not dispute the victim's allegations. She also said she could not refute DNA evidence of her sexual contact with one of the boys.

Monroe police said earlier Sigall was a friend of the mothers of the children.

Superior Court Judge Walter A. Marshall Jr. accepted the plea, negotiated with Senior Assistant Gloucester County Prosecutor Audrey Curwin. The judge did not set a sentencing date pending an evaluation of Sigall at the state Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center, a facility for sex offenders at Avenel.
A sentence of four years in prison has been recommended. Megan's Law will apply to Sigall.

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New Jersey Mom and Boy, 13
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(Williamstown, New Jersey) A 32-year-old local wife and mother-of-two, Christine Sigall, has been accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy she was babysitting. The boy's mother alerted the police.

Sigall has been charged with aggravated sexual assault by a guardian, sexual assault, offering alcoholic beverages to a minor and allowing a minor to view pornography under her supervision.
According to police Sigall was babysitting two teen boys the night of the alleged assault.

The Gloucester County Prosecutors office is helping Monroe Township police as Sigall also faces charges she supplied alcohol to one of the boys, and allowed the victim to view pornography under her supervision.
Sigall was booked and released on $100,000 bail.


NotTelling said...

What happened to all the previous comments? I know Christine was reading them when she was released from prison. I see her home where the incident took place is finally for sale at half the price it was purchased for and listed as a fixer upper. Her husband remarried to a very nice woman and recently had a child together.

Mandy Keav said...

You must be someone that very close to Paul because you know that we are married and recently had a child together.


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