Monday, September 16, 2013

Ohio Trailer Fire Kills 6

Anna Angel, her boyfriend and five children

(Tiffin, Ohio) A 30-year-old woman, Anna Angel, lost her entire family yesterday due to a fire in her mobile home.
The victims have been identified as Ms. Angel's boyfriend, Timothy Fresch, 25,and their young son Domanic Fresch, 1, and Ms. Angel's children Trinitie Huey, 4; Sunshine Huey, 3; Stormie Huey, 5, and Tiara Angel, 6.

Ms. Angel, accompanied by co-worker Patricia Boes of Tiffin, went into the hospital to identify her children. Ms. Angel gave each child a kiss goodbye.

She had been at work about two hours at Burger King when the trailer park manager called and said there had been a fire at her home.
The cause of the tragic fire is under investigation.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Saw that yesterday, yes, its sad.
And a horrible way to die,


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