Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chinese Super Carrier

CHINA has declared it is building a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of a size to rival the biggest in United States naval service in the first move of a major new arms race.

Chinese website cites "top People's Liberation Army" sources as saying the 110,000-ton aircraft carrier should be launched by 2020.

"By that time, China will be able to confront the most advanced US carrier-based fighter jets in high sea," the Chinese-language article reads.
Does the word belligerent come to mind? Looks like the ChiComs are gearing up to pick a fight.

Lovely, just lovely.

1 comment:

Doom said...

It's a fight they can't win unless we simply quit the field. No matter how good it looks on paper, no matter this or that. I will, honestly, be surprised if it is up to the "quality" of the Russians. Zealots of sloth and corruption run things right into the ground. I wouldn't be surprised to see it sink, if not upon setting to sea, then shortly thereafter. Is it nuclear? If so, expect... bad things.



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