Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ohio Woman Accused of Faking Cancer for Donations

(Chillicothe, Ohio) A 35-year-old local married mother, Mindy Taylor, has been accused of felony theft for posing as a cancer patient and collecting thousands of dollars in donations.
The disturbing revelations of Taylor's tear-jerker were revealed earlier this month after an anonymous tipster led to her surprisingly cancer-free medical records being subpoenaed, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

By then, Taylor — who had claimed to be undergoing vigorous chemotherapy while fighting not only cancer of the small intestine but heart disease and lupus — had reportedly amassed at least $21,000 in donations.

In an online blog on the website, Taylor regularly documented her suffering and steadfast pledge to get better.
Details on prosecution are not available.

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Wireless.Phil said...

See, there is proof, beauty and brains are not always in the same package!

Watch, next she will really get cancer and no one will believe her or give a dam and others may say "good, the bitch deserved it".


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