Tuesday, January 06, 2015

David Attenborough tries to use his authority as a substitute for evidence and reasoning

The last paragraph below outs him as a Malthusian -- an economic and demographic ignoramus.  He is talking way outside his field and his comments on both population and global warming show how little he knows outside his field

Sir David Attenborough is calling on global leaders to step-up their actions to curb climate change, saying that they are in denial about the dangers it poses despite the overwhelming evidence about its risks.

The TV naturalist said those who wield power need to use it: “Wherever you look there are huge risks. The awful thing is that people in authority and power deny that, when the evidence is overwhelming and they deny it because it’s easier to deny it – much easier to deny it’s a problem and say ‘we don’t care’,” Sir David said.

In terms of climate change, “we won’t do enough and no one can do enough, because it’s a very major, serious problem facing humanity; but at the same time it would be silly to minimise the size of the problem,” he told Sky News.

Later this year a crucial UN climate summit will be held, at which world leaders have pledged to agree to tough cuts in their carbon emissions, to ensure the increase in global warming does not exceed 2°C – beyond which its consequences become increasingly devastating.

Although that meeting is not scheduled to take place until December, the scale of the task ahead is huge and world leaders are already working towards the summit.

However Sir David is concerned that, despite the increasingly obvious scale of the threat climate change poses, leaders are not taking the matter as seriously as they should.

“Never in the history of humanity in the last 10 million years have all human beings got together to face one danger that threatens us – never.  “It’s a big ask, but the penalty of not taking any notice is huge,” he said.

Sir David’s comments come two days after a separate warning – on the dangers posed by the booming human population.  “It’s desperately difficult, the dangers are apparent to anybody,” he told The Independent.  “We can’t go on increasing at the rate human beings are increasing forever, because the Earth is finite and you can’t put infinity into something that is finite.  “So if we don’t do something about it – the natural world that is – we will starve,” Sir David said.



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Mental problems in old age.

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Almost forgot, me might break records this year for the longest strech of winter cold with temperatures below 15F during the day.
Its currently 10F now at 01:40 and its pretty much been like that for the past week.
The freezer is stocked and I still have a case and a half of beer left, hopefully I can hold out till the weather breaks.

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USA temperature maps
20s along the Gulf Coast means citrus crop damage and higher prices.


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