Sunday, January 25, 2015

Is Top Gear Scripted?

Many have wondered whether or not the very popular BBC "car" show "Top Gear" is scripted with planned "accidents" or if it all just happens.

Concensus is ... It's scripted.

Here are some interesting articles about how the show is made:
The Day I Went To Watch Top Gear Be Filmed

The Secret Life of Top Gear

Top Gear in New Fakery Row as Traffic Jam is Staged as James May Claims "These are Real Roads with Real Traffic"

Top Gear has Finally Become a Cartoon and It's All the Better For It
It's all fine with me ... It's a great show!

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Tez said...

Clarkson claims in his many books that it is not!!!

Wireless.Phil said...

Then James May shouldn't even be alive!

They showed him once driving a red car off a cliff.

All TV is scripted, even the stupid reality shows, sining, dancing all that crap is scripted!

TV news, its writes for the news casters by some jerk in the back office, why do you think our 18 year old black bear has been there for 3 decades.

Or the weatherman telling us Rhinos love the cold.

They head for cover at 50F.
The only rhino that survived the cold was the Woolly Rhino, it went extinct 10,000 years ago.


Because its all rehearsed


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