Thursday, March 19, 2015

Geese Story

Dead Geese

(Mud Lake and Market Lake Wildlife Management Areas, Idaho)
About 2,000 snow geese migrating from Mexico to their Alaskan nesting grounds were found dead in Idaho, the state's Department of Fish and Game announced Monday. Although testing is still in progress, officials believe that the deaths are consistent with avian cholera.

The suddenness in which the birds died is part of the reason that experts suspect avian cholera, which kills acute sufferers in as little as six hours.
The carcasses of the dead birds are being collected to prevent transmission of the disease.


Doom said...

More food! Hungry.

Well, I did wonder about that. Not sure if avian cholera is transmissible to humans, or might taint the meat? Supposed to check wild game for signs of illness, though that might not show up. I don't know... my grumbling stomach is doing the talking, and you keep teasing it. :)

Wireless.Phil said...

I wonder?
With a hard winter this year, lakes and ground frozen, coukd they have starved?

Sea lion pups in record numbers.
They think mothers went further out to sea for food.

Beachgoers use social media to save starving sea lion pups 19, 2015


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