Thursday, May 14, 2015

Florida Teacher Sentenced for Sex with Student - Update

Irene Kahn

(West Melbourne, Florida) Former Brevard County teacher Irene Kahn, 34, pleaded guilty to sex with a student.

As a result, Kahn was sentenced to two years' community control followed by 10 years' probation.
Melbourne police arrested Khan three years ago and charged her with lewd and lascivious battery on a 15-year-old boy.

Investigators said the victim wrote his phone number on the board looking to catch the eye of the girls in his class, but instead got calls and texts from Khan, a then-married teacher with children.

Police said Khan would have sex with the student in local motel rooms.
If Kahn violates her probation, she could face many years in prison.

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Who's Your Mommy?
[Previous 6/14/12 post]
(West Melbourne, Florida) A 32-year-old science teacher at Imagine Charter School, Irene Khan, has been accused of engaging in jiggy-jiggy slurp-slurp with a 14-year-old male student.

Khan faces sexual battery and several other sex charges. According to Cmdr. Steve Wilkinson of the West Melbourne Police Department:
Detectives said after speaking with the 14-year-old who attended West Melbourne's Imagine Charter School, they had enough proof the science teacher had enticed the boy and had sex with him several times last school year in several different places.

“Her apartment, her car, several hotels and motels, places like that, beachside,” Wilkinson said.

Khan's credit card records showed at least two hotel transactions totaling $230.

Detectives said through the boy's account, they corroborated hotel days and times, and even phone records.

Authorities said the first encounter was after the boy had written his phone number on a classroom chalkboard, intended for a girl in his class.

Instead, they said Khan texted him, introducing herself and asking if he wanted to hang out.

A couple nights later, according to police, she drove her car to his house, parked down the street away from his home. The boy walked down. They then drove to a nearby park and had sex inside the vehicle.
She's old enough to be the boy's mommy.


Wireless.Phil said...

I'm clicking on some of these stories from the RSS feed, but some damn garden site keeps opening up instead of the site. Then I have to click the RSS link agsin.

Happy Camper said...

The Judge in this case should be taken to the courthouse courtyard and fucking horsewhipped for allowing this pedophile predator to escape with no jail time. The Judge must not have any children.


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