Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Teacher Lina Sinha - Nasty in Manhattan

(New York City) The convoluted story of Lina Sinha, Manhattan Montessori school teacher and director, was exposed last October when she was charged with sodomy and rape of a student.

Sinha was accused of having a long-term sexual relationship with a student, starting when the boy was 13 years old and lasting until he was 17. She was arraigned and freed on her own recognizance, however, she was instructed to surrender her passport to prevent flight to India where she has relatives.

Since that last court appearance, more trouble has visited Sinha. Yesterday, additional charges were filed.

The female director of an East Side Montessori school was a little-boy-crazy "predator," Manhattan prosecutors charged yesterday, as they accused her of bedding two of the school's students - often on school property, and starting when they were only 12 and 13 years old.

The disgraced administrator, Lina Sinha, 40, who has worked for almost 20 years at the East 55th Street school founded and still owned by her parents, was also charged with trying to cover her tracks through lies and bribes of sneakers, cellphones and cash.

In all, Sinha faces 81 charges of rape, sodomy, bribing a witness and tampering with a witness and evidence.

"It is the people's position that this defendant is a predator," lead prosecutor Florence Chapin told a judge in Manhattan Supreme Court, after Sinha pleaded not guilty.

The most serious charges in the shocking indictment are for first-degree rape - for allegedly having sexual intercourse with the 12-year-old for a year, beginning in February 2001.
Whoa! Hose her down!

Two boys and 81 criminal counts related to illegal sexual behavior at a school -- for years! -- and nobody noticed? Come on! I don't believe it. Many people associated with the school had to be looking the other way, intentionally.

In the meantime, Sinha allegedly has been impeding investigators while trying to frame the first victim, who is now an adult and an NYPD officer, with fabricated assertions that he was a rapist.

Sinha's bail was set at $50,000 by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Berkman and it was promptly posted. The next court appearance is scheduled for August 16. If convicted of the rape and sodomy charges, Sinha faces a possible 25 years in prison.

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[Update 09/06/06]

Sinha offered plea deal.

[Update 10/20/06]

Sinha rejects offer, going to trial.

[Update 02/27/07]

Sinha trial underway.

[Update 03/30/07]

Lina Sinha convicted. Sentencing scheduled for April 19th.

[Update 04/19/07]

Sinha sentenced to prison.

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