Friday, March 30, 2007

Lina Sinha "Nasty in Manhattan" Convicted

(New York City) Lina Sinha, the 40-year-old Manhattan Montessori School teacher, was charged with 80 total counts of rape, sodomy and tampering with witnesses and evidence in a teacher-student sex case which began back in October 2005.

Last year, Sinha rejected a plea bargain which would have sent her to prison for six years, opting for a trial instead.

Last month, the trial of Lina Sinha got underway in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Justice Carol Berkman presiding.

Yesterday, Lina Sinha was convicted by a jury of five men and seven women on felony counts of sodomy and witness bribery.
A headmistress and teacher at an exclusive Manhattan Montessori school, accused of sex liaisons with two barely pubescent students, was convicted Thursday of sodomizing one of them when he was 13.

Lina Sinha, 40, also was convicted of sodomizing the student when he was older, a crime with a lesser penalty than the same act with a 13-year-old, and of trying to bribe a second boy to get him to lie about their sexual relationship.
Punishment for the convictions could total almost two decades in prison, seven years each for sodomy and witness bribery, four years for a lesser sodomy charge, and a possible year for each of several misdemeanor counts of criminal impersonation and false reporting. Prosecutor Rachel L. Hochhauser asked the court to sentence Sinha to consecutive terms although consecutive sentences are infrequent.

Two accusers led to the charges against Sinha and the jury doubted the credibility of one, leading to a deadlock on six counts of statutory rape. Ms. Hochhauser indicated that the district attorney would likely retry Sinha on the rape charges.

Judge Berkman scheduled sentencing for April 19th while also raising Sinha's bail to $3.5 million from $50,000 because of her potential long-term incarceration and prominent family links with India.

After her conviction, Lina Sinha was escorted away in handcuffs as her large family quietly watched. Her attorney, Gerald L. Shargel, said there would be an appeal.

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[Update 04/02/07]

Parents put up bail for Sinha.

[Update 04/19/07]

Sinha sentenced to prison.

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