Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teacher Lina Sinha Sentenced - Update

(New York City) Former Montessori school principal Lina Sinha has exhausted her appeals and she has been sentenced.
But there was no mercy this morning for Lina Sinha, the beautiful former headmistress of an Upper East Side Montessori school, who was finally sent away to serve at least 2 1/3 years in prison for her twisted and damaging sex affair with a student who was just 13.

"This is a woman of every advantage, and she preyed on her victim for years," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Berkman said as the predatory ex-principal stared glumly down at the defense table.
Tearful, Sinha spoke briefly at the proceeding but offered no apology.

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Appeal Fails for Teacher Lina Sinha - Update
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(Albany, New York)
New York's top court has upheld two sodomy convictions of a former private school headmistress and teacher convicted of having a years-long sexual relationship with an underage student.

The Court of Appeals, agreeing with a midlevel court, says prosecutors' failure to disclose evidence helpful to the defense did not affect the guilty verdicts against Lina Sinha (LEE'-nah SIHN'-hah).

The lower court threw out her conviction for allegedly bribing another student, citing "intolerable" prosecutor conduct.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office declined comment Wednesday.
Sinha now must serve several years in prison.

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Teacher Lina Sinha Gets Prison
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(New York City) Finally, a conclusion has been reached in the case of 40-year-old Manhattan Montessori School teacher Lina Sinha. Last month, Sinha was convicted by a jury on felony counts of sodomy and witness bribery.

Today, Justice Carol Berkman of State Supreme Court in Manhattan sentenced Sinha to four and two-thirds to 14 years in prison.

Notably, Justice Berkman remarked that Sinha grew up in an environment of privilege which introduced her to many options in life. Sinha was "well-raised" and "beautiful." Disturbingly, however, she used her education, sophistication and superior position to violate the boy's sexual innocence and abuse their trust and that of society. For all this, Justice Berkman believes Ms. Sinha is "all the more culpable."

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