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Women With Troubles - March 2014

Here is a compilation of women with troubles reported in news stories during March 2014. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying details.

For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link.

(AL) Lauren Brooke Flowers Baker, 26,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 13,

(AL) Ashley Casiday, 31,
teacher - Accused of sexting male student, 14,

(AL) Crystal Gilliland Clowdus, 32,
teacher - Gets prison for sending sex messages to boy, 15,

(AL) Kristina Kelly, 41,
teacher - Accused of sex with several middle school students,

(AZ) Anna Areola-Hernandez, 23,
neighbor - Accused of engaging in sex with minors and infecting at least one with an STD,

(CA) Lauren Cecil Matheney, 23,
school basketball coach - Accused of sex with female student, 15,

(CO) Leveda Green, 41,
teacher's aide - Accused of sex assault of student,

(CT) Angela Martin aka Angela Haussmann, 29,
neighbor - Guilty of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl. Sentencing scheduled for June 20,

(DE) Jamie L. Baker, 44,
neighbor - Accused of killing husband,

(FL) Christine Bennett, 24,
teacher - Accused of inappropriate relations with a male student,

(FL) Samantha Jo Jackson, 22,
neighbor - Accused of child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia,

(FL) Monica Leigh Jenkins, 44,
teacher - Accused of battery on police officer,

(FL) Amy Michelle Weaver, 33,
teacher - Accused of aggravated assault with kitchen knife,

(FL) Leila Jean Wilford, 34,
substitute teacher - Accused of sending inappropriate messages to male student, 16,

(GA) Lori Carmichael Quigley, 41,
teacher - Accused of sex with at least two students,

(KY) Minnie McCord, 41,
teacher - Accused of providing alcohol and pot to students,

(MI) Janet Brown, 33,
teacher - Found guilty of criminal sexual conduct. Sentencing scheduled for April 25,

(NC) Antonia Granados aka Antonia Granados Martinez, 27,
neighbor - Accused of sex with 12-year-old girl,

(NC) Brittany Phillips, 25,
teacher - Accused of sexual activity with student,

(NJ) Cara E. Conroy, 33,
teacher - Accused of sexually explicit conversation with boy, 14,

(NJ) Jaclyn Melillo, 25,
teacher - Guilty of sex assault of two boys. Sentencing on May 19,

(NV) Christine Allen, 30,
neighbor - Accused of drowning 3-year-old son,

(NV) Amanda Brennan, 25,
teacher - Gets probation for romancing teenage student, 15,

(NV) Tanikka "Bella" Queen, 22,
teacher - Accused of sex assault on boy, 15,

(NY) Lisa Franklin, 45,
teacher - Gets 30 months prison for rape of boy, 12,

(NY) Alexa Garnett, 21,
neighbor - Guilty of rape of boy under 15. Sentencing scheduled for April 10,

(NY) Amanda Isles aka Amanda Iles, 27,
teacher - Guilty of rape of student, 14. Sentencing in May,

(NY) Brenda McClaine, 39,
teacher - Accused of stealing $100,000 from teachers association,

(OH) Courtney M. Davis, 22,
neighbor - Gets 6 months jail for sex with minor,

(OK) Erin Kathleen Queen , 27,
teacher - Gets suspended sentence for sex with student, 17,

(PA) Emily Nesbit, 31,
teacher - Accused of sex with male student, 18,

(TN) Stefany Paige Johnson, 24,
neighbor - Accused of killing daughter, 7 months old,

(TX) Sharon Lynn Hoskison, 39,
teacher - Arrested for improper relations with student, 17,

(TX) Corrie Anne Long, 43,
teacher - Accused of engaging in sex with student,

(TX) Angela Siler-Fisher,
doctor - Accused of criminal trespass and harassment,

(TX) Shannon Rae Spradlin, 31,
teacher - Accused of inappropriate conduct with a male student,

(TX) Megan Michelle Thompson, 34,
teacher - Accused of improper relations with student, 17,

(UT) Brianne Land Altice, 34,
teacher - Accused of rape and sodomy of student, 16,

(WA) Shakira Anderson, 37,
neighbor - Gets 9 months jail for immoral communications with minor,

(England) Loren Morris, 21,
neighbor - Gets two years prison for sex with boy, 8.

Thanks to the tipsters.

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