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Women With Troubles - November 2014

Here is a compilation of women with troubles reported in news stories during November 2014. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying details.

For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link.

(AL) Ashley Pruitt, 33,
teacher - Accused of sex with two students,

(AR) Shelby Nalley, 21,
neighbor - Accused of letting toddler son ingest drugs,

(AZ) Laura Gamble, 33,
neighbor - Accused of selling and possessing methamphetamine,

(AZ) Shelby Henrickson,
neighbor - Accused of felony child abuse,

(CA) Courtney Lynn Stewart, 24,
neighbor - Accused of child abuse of her young boys,

(CT) Marybeth Rataic, 25,
neighbor - Accused of sex assault of boy, 10,

(DE) Molly Shattuck, 47,
former NFL cheerleader - Accused of rape, unlawful sex with boy, 15,

(DE) Jennifer J. Suarez, 28,
teacher - Guilty of rape. Sentencing in January 2015,

(FL) Jessica Runae Brooker, 37,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 15,

(FL) Pamela Guthrie, 34,
teacher - Charged with burglary and criminal mischief,

(FL) Darlene Pierre, 26,
neighbor - Sentenced to prison for sex with boy,

(FL) Tara Roberts, 28,
teacher - Accused of child cruelty,

(GA) Arkebia Albury, 26,
neighbor - Sentenced to 9 years prison for driving over her 4-year-old,

(GA) Alexis J. Wilson-Britten, 22,
teacher - Accused of battery of child, 2,

(IA) Mandy Davenport,
teacher - Gets no jail for sex with student, 17,

(IL) Kirby Cheesman,
teacher - Accused of sex with student, 16,

(MI) Heidi Eastman aka Heidi Lewis, 45,
teacher - Ordered to pay $50 for sex with 3 male students,

(MI) Sarah M. Raymo, 32,
teacher - Gets prison for sex with 14-year-old student,

(MI) Abigail Simon, 35,
educator - Accused of sex assault of male student, 15,

(MS) Carmen Bigby, 29,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 15,

(MS) Whitney Fair Mullen, 34,
teaching assistant - Accused of molesting student, age 12,

(NC) Elizabeth Lorraine Brown, 25,
teacher - Accused of inappropriate relationship with student, 16,

(NJ) Linda Hardan, 21,
teacher - Accused of sexually assaulting student, 16,

(NJ) Donna D. Pierce-Faley (aka Peirce-Faley), 28
teacher - Accused of sex with student, 18,

(NM) Gwendolynn Lindgren, 34,
neighbor - Accused of sex acts with boy, 7,

(NY) Heather Castrechino, 38,
neighbor - Gets 25 years prison for sex with 3-year-old,

(NY) Brenda McClaine, 39,
teacher - Gets jail for grand larceny,

(NY) Evelyn Reyes, 38,
neighbor - Accused of smuggling liquor into prison,

(NY) Julie Kay Werkheiser, 38,
dance teacher - Accused of sex assault of young child over a period of 3 years,

(OH) Jennifer Kuhlman,
teacher - Accused of inappropriate relationship with student,

(OH) Dr. Shannon L. Swanson, 44,
medical doctor - Indicted on multiple drug trafficking charges,

(OK) Melissa Kay Anderson, 35, and boyfriend Michael Glendon Burris, 39,
neighbor - Guilty of forcing sex on boy, 10. Sentencing in January 2015,

(OK) Misty Yeats, 53,
neighbor - Gets 10 years prison for manslaughter,

(OR) Stephanie Marie Kroker, 37,
neighbor - Accused of rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of boy,

(OR) Jillian Meredeth McCabe,
neighbor - Accused of throwing 6-year-old son off bridge. Faces murder charge,

(SC) Crystal Williams, 35,
neighbor - Sentenced to life in prison for murdering husband,

(TX) Vinita Hegwood,
teacher - Accused of sending racially offensive messages on Twitter,

(UT) Jaime Renee Tactay, 37,
neighbor - Gets 20 years prison for sex with boy, 15,

(VA) Christine Lee Kim, 26,
office administrator - Accused of pretending to be a doctor and seeing patients,

(VA) Kyle Lynne Noro, 27,
educator - Gets 3 years prison for directing minor to perform pornography,

(WA) Elizabeth Kinkade, 37,
librarian - Accused of engaging in sex with an 18-year-old student,

(WI) Jessica Bell, 25,
neighbor - Gets 7 years prison for porn videos with own toddler son,

(England) Helen Louise Turnbull, 35,
teaching assistant - Accused of sex with boy, 16.

Thanks to the tipsters.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Here is a new one, the kid is doing ok.

CLEVELAND (AP) – Police in Cleveland say a 3-year-old girl was found stabbed in the abdomen, and her mother was arrested on suspicion of felonious assault and child endangering.


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