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Women With Troubles - March 2015

Here is a compilation of women with troubles reported in news stories during March 2015. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying details.

For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link.

(AL) Kristina Kelly, 42,
substitute teacher - Sentenced to 18 months prison for sex assault of three boys,

(AL) Jennifer Marie Perry, 27,
teacher - Accused of sexual contact with student,

(AR) Jessyca Hoskins, 26,
neighbor - Accused of prostituting girl, 14,

(AZ) Lindsey Ann Radomski, 32,
neighbor - Accused of sex crimes on boy, 15,

(CT) Danielle Watkins, 32,
teacher - Gets five years jail for being naughty,

(DE) Jennifer Suarez, 28,
teacher - Gets six months prison for sex with student,

(FL) Lindsey Judith Griffith, 19,
school lunch lady - Accused of sex with two students,

(FL) Tara Roberts, 28,
teacher - Sentenced to probation for child cruelty,

(FL) Cara A. Ryan, 45,
teacher - Accused of killing her ex-husband,

(GA) Kayla Emily Zittrouer, 22,
special ed teacher - Accused of inappropriate sexual contact with student,

(IA) Carissa Bryant, 33,
teacher - Accused of being drunk while teaching,

(IL) Nicole Jacobsen, 43,
teacher - Sentenced to probation for sex abuse of student,

(IN) Crystal R. Caswell, 33,
neighbor - Accused of sexual misconduct with a minor,

(IN) Paige E. Mostella (aka Paige Groves), 29,
special education teacher - Gets probation for child seduction,

(IN) Angela Neal, 26,
neighbor - Accused of molesting young children,

(KY) Jessica Boyers, 26,
teacher - Pleads guilty to sex with student, 13,

(KY) Lara Paige Conley, 37,
neighbor - Accused of stabbing her mother to death,

(LA) Kaylyn Huval, 27,
school employee - Accused of molesting a juvenile,

(LA) Lori Lesaicherre, 51,
neighbor - Accused of making meth in a hotel room,

(MA) Rachelle N. Gendron, 28,
teacher - Sentenced to 2 1/2 years incarceration for child rape,

(MI) Angela Renee Kelsey-Mahoney, 28,
neighbor - Charged with murdering husband,

(MI) Jordann Nicole Lockhart, 33,
PTO treasurer - Guilty of embezzling from PTO. Sentencing is scheduled for April 7,

(MI) Kathryn Ronk, 30,
teacher - Gets 6 to 15 years prison for sex with student,

(MN) Mary Gilles, 28,
teacher - Sentenced to probation for sex with student,

(MO) Megan Blair Baker, 25,
teacher/wrestling coach - Accused of sex with student on school bus,

(MO) Janice L. Rusk, 43,
teacher's aide - Gets seven years prison for rape and sodomy of student, 16,

(NC) Savannah Pittman, 20,
neighbor - Accused of being the getaway driver in an armed robbery,

(NE) Caitlin Stavropoulos, 28,
neighbor - Accused of several burglaries,

(NJ) Pamela Dziminski, 29,
neighbor - Accused of performing sex act on a boy, 4,

(NJ) Jenna Leahey, 33,
teacher and coach - Indicted for sex with male student, 16,

(NJ) Nicole McDonough, 32,
teacher - Indicted for improper relationship with three male students,

(NY) Christina (aka Christine) M. Jewell-Bellucio, 32,
teacher's aide and cheer coach - Accused of sex with student, 16,

(OH) April Corcoran, 30,
neighbor - Indicted for trading a girl, 11, in exchange for heroin,

(OH) Hannah Heekin, 23,
teacher - Indicted for sex with male student, 17,

(OH) Sheila Kearns, 58,
Spanish teacher - Gets 90 days jail for showing inappropriate movie to students,

(OH) Jennifer Kuhlman, 30,
teacher - Guilty of attempt to commit sexual battery. Sentencing April 28,

(OH) Deasia Watkins, 20,
neighbor - Accused of murdering her baby,

(PA) Geraldine Alcorn, 28,
teacher - Accused of nasty with female student, 11,

(PA) Jessica Streeper, 34,
teacher - Pleaded guilty to sex with boy, 14. Sentencing date not reported,

(PA) Padge-Victoria Windslowe, 45,
former madam - Convicted of murder in butt injection case. Sentencing June 11,

(SC) Meghan Colleen Dougherty, 36,
teacher - Accused of inappropriate relations with female student, 14,

(TN) Shelley Lott Brown,
phys ed teacher - Accused of sex with male student, 14,

(TN) Sylvia Hoffstetter, 51,
neighbor - Faces federal charges for operating a pill mill,

(TX) Amanda Brenneman, 31,
neighbor - Accused of sex assault of boy, 15,

(TX) Kaitlyn Granado, 20-something,
teacher - Accused of improper relationship with male student, 15,

(TX) Michelle Lee Kiesel, 21,
teacher - Accused of sex assault of boy, 16,

(TX) Andrea Sandoval, 32,
teacher's aide - Gets probation for having sex with one of her students,

(TX) Shannon Rae Spradlin, 32,
teacher - Convicted teacher on the lam,

(UT) Kayla D. Goodrich, 27,
teacher's aide - Sentenced to 90 days jail for burglary of other teachers' homes,

(VA) Erica Lynn Mesa, 27,
teacher - Admits to sex with four students. Sentencing in May,

(VT) Nicola Smith, 35,
teacher - Accused of sexually assaulting a student.


(Wales, UK) Kelly Richards, 36,
neighbor - Given suspended sentence for sex with boy, 15.

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