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Women With Troubles - October 2011

Reported in news stories during October 2011, here is a compilation of women with troubles. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying details.

For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link. Links to month-by-month compilations are displayed on the navigation bar at left.

(AZ) Jennifer Whiting, 32,
teacher - Guilty of sexual conduct with student. Sentencing in Dec.,

(CA) Colette Phelps, 28,
teacher - Gets five months jail for sex with student,

(CA) Alanna Reichle, 33,
youth leader - Gets probation for sex with boy, 16,

(CA) Annie Riggs, 26,
neighbor - Accused of selling son, 2,

(CO) Susan Diane Christie, 43,
teacher - Accused of sex with student,

(CO) Jennifer Gomes, 42,
teacher - Accused of initiating bomb threat to avoid work,

(CO) Brenda Lynette Harding, 30,
babysitter - Gets 90 days jail for sex with boy, 15, who committed suicide,

(CO) Michelle Manzanares, 40,
neighbor - Arrested for hosting teen pot, booze parties,

(CT) Brittany Larson, 27,
teacher - Accused of sex with student, 16,

(DE) Bridget Wismer, 33,
neighbor - Accused of selling her baby,

(FL) Maryann Verdi, 40,
teacher - Accused of sex with male student, 15,

(GA) Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44,
CDC executive - Accused of child molestation,

(IL) Na Choi, 24,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 15,

(IL) Haven A. Kirkpatrick, 30,
PE teacher - Guilty of sex with female student. Sentencing in Dec.,

(IL) Dawn Montesdeoca, 60,
neighbor - Arrested for cupcake attack,

(IL) Nicole M. Pinnick, 29,
teacher's aide - Accused of sex with student,

(IN) Emily Jane Duncan, 34,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 15,

(IN) Sara Kifer, 26,
teacher - Accused of stalking male student,

(IN) Kristina D. Renner, 42,
neighbor - Accused of sex with five boys, ages 14 to 17,

(IN) Tara Tryon, 21,
babysitter - Accused of molesting boy, 3, in her care,

(KS) Kimberly Kay Cannon, 39,
teacher's aide - Accused of child sex crimes,

(KS) Amber Dull, 34,
paraeducator - Accused of months-long sex with student, 17,

(KY) Fantom Shakeria Smith, 29,
child therapist - Accused of endangering the welfare of a child,

(MA) Terry Mussari, 45,
neighbor - Accused of operating a whorehouse,

(MA) Cara L. Rintala, 47,
firefighter - Accused of murdering her wife,

(ME) Sandra Manning, 24,
neighbor - Accused of trafficking in bath salts,

(ME) Jessica Pomerleau, 36,
teacher - Accused of sex with student, 15,

(MI) April Patzkowsky, 32,
teacher's aide - Pleads no contest to criminal sex with boy, 14,

(MN) Amanda Owens, 18,
neighbor - Accused of burglary to support porn addiction,

(MO) Alison Peck, 25,
teacher - Gets additional two years prison for failing to register as sex offender,

(MS) Kelly Faggard, 31,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 13,

(NH) Justina Jensen, 23,
neighbor - Accused of pimping girl recruited at Occupy New Hampshire protest,

(NM) Anamicka Dave, 29,
neighbor - Accused of soliciting pot on Craigslist,

(NM) Kathi Hunter, 57,
teacher - Gets probation for marijuana grow,

(NM) Ashley Elaine Serna, 25,
sex offender - Gets 186 days jail for failing to register,

(NV) Jessica Gendall, 21,
teacher - Accused of stealing school property and drug possession,

(NY) Carrie Ferguson, 27,
neighbor - Gets 90 days jail for unlawful sex with boy,

(OH) Whitney Chiles, 30,
teacher - Accused of sex with male student,

(OH) Erin Holdsworth, 28,
neighbor - Accused of topless and reckless drunk driving,

(OH) Kristin Ostmann, 25,
teacher - Gets six months jail for improper relationship with male student,

(OH) Stacy Schuler, 33,
teacher - Gets four years prison for sex with five male students,

(OH) Lianne Wright, 31,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 14,

(OH) Kristal Jackson Yazell, 36,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 14,

(OK) Amy Blose, 37,
neighbor - Violated bond conditions by contacting victim with burrito-gram,

(PA) Jennie Lee, 37,
neighbor - Gets 9 - 23 months jail for sex with son's teammates,

(TN) Devri A. Depriest, 25,
teacher - Accused of repeated sex with male student,

(TN) April Wade, 34,
teacher - Accused of sex with male student, 17,

(TX) Crystal Lara Andrus, 34,
teacher - Accused of throwing bottle at student,

(TX) Tiffanie Bedinger, 44,
teacher - Accused of sex with student,

(TX) Rebecca De La Garza, 26,
PE teacher - Accused of sex with girl, 14,

(TX) Michelle Riojas, 36,
neighbor - Accused of sex with student, 15,

(VA) Jennifer N. Heatwole, 24,
neighbor - Gets 12 months jail for contributing to delinquency,

(WI) Allison Kircher, 25,
neighbor - Accused of drug crimes while involving young son,

(WV) Sarah Rutherford, 23,
teacher - Accused of sex with underage student,

* * *

(AUS) Laura O'Donnell, 20,
child care trainee - Gets suspended sentence for sex with four boys,

(UK) Suzanne Harrison, 38,
teacher - Sentenced under Mental Health Act for sex with girl.
Thanks to the readers, tipsters and commenters.
Biomass Energy Called Inefficient

(Edinburgh, Scotland) Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing has called for the end of government subsidies for biomass plants that use wood because they are inefficient. According to Ewing,
"I have grave concerns about the UK Government's ambition for biomass electricity. Large-scale woody biomass used for electricity generation is much less efficient than smaller scale neighbourhood plants.

"Huge electricity-only biomass plants require vast quantities of wood - far more than the UK can provide. Even if every stick of wood grown commercially in the UK went to biomass, it would supply less than a third of the fuel we will require by 2020 if the UK Government's plan for biomass goes ahead.

"Large scale electricity-only biomass will make us reliant on overseas timber markets for our energy. Both oil and gas prices have shown us the importance of a secure, local supply, and if we rely too heavily on imported timber there is a risk of energy security problems in the future.

"Extensive use of large scale biomass for electricity only is likely to push up timber prices and risk hundreds of jobs in traditional wood industries.
Biomass electricity has presumably been developed as an alternative to oil-fueled electricity so the UK doesn't have to rely upon imported oil. Ironically, it appears that biomass electricity will have to rely upon imported timber. The only difference appears to be that biomass electricity has to be subsidized.

Heh. Pretty dumb, I think.
Chavez Wants Gold

(Caracas, Venezuela) President Hugo Chavez has ordered that all of Venezuela's gold bullion held in Western banks be shipped home.

Approximately 190 tons of bullion worth $11 billion will be packed and shipped.
Chavez announced the move in August as a “sovereign” step that would help protect Venezuela’s foreign reserves from economic turbulence in the United States and Europe. Most of Venezuela’s gold held abroad is in London.

It was also seen as another populist measure ahead of the election next October, when Chavez will seek another six-year term.

It will likely to be a hard fought and contentious vote, and some critics suggest Chavez is frightened by the chance of Venezuela’s foreign reserves being frozen by sanctions — as happened to his friend and ally, Libya’s late Muammar Gaddafi.

By doing this, he also reduces the risk of any seizure of assets related to ongoing arbitration cases, including those linked to the nationalization of multi-billion dollar oil projects run by major U.S. companies.
I suggest that the demise of good-buddy Gaddafi has made Chavez jumpy.
Canadian case sparks constitutional challenge

Christian campaigner attacks the law under which he was wrongfully charged
"The Supreme Court of Canada will hear a case today that challenges the constitutionality of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

The case involves Bill Whatcott, who was found by a lower court to have violated the code by delivering hate-filled messages against gay people in flyers he distributed. However, that finding that was reversed by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in 2010.

Whatcott is questioning part of the code that allows the commission to charge people with hate speech. His lawyer has said human rights commissions have an obligation to protect freedom of religion.

Whatcott was found to have violated the code when he put pamphlets in mailboxes objecting to the teaching of same-sex relations in Saskatoon public schools.


Whatcott pulls no punches, as you can see here, so Canada must be learning the meaning of free speech to let him continue with his leafletting.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Occupy Madison

(Madison, Wisconsin) The Occupy Madison effort has been deemed unhealthy and unsafe and thereby denied a new street use permit.
City officials temporarily denied Occupy Madison a new street use permit Wednesday after protesters violated public health and safety conditions and failed to follow the correct processes to renew or amend a permit.

The permit, which expired Wednesday at noon, required Occupy Madison protesters to relocate from their current space at 30 West Mifflin Street, also called 30 on the Square.

Madison parks official Laura Bauer said a neighboring hotel's staff voiced concerns about having to recently escort hotel employees to and from bus stops late at night due to inappropriate behavior, allegedly including public masturbation, from street protesters.
I would speculate that Occupy Madison public masturbators would be violating some kind of law. However, ordinances in the progressive city may provide immunity since the population has repeatedly allowed bullying by activist jackoffs and their useful idiot followers.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Arson at Papa John's

(Lake City, Florida) The perpetrators of the Oct. 20 fire at Papa John's Pizza in Lake City have been identified as Bryan David Sullivan, 21, and Sean Everett Davidson, 23. Both are managers at a local Domino's Pizza.

Bryan Sullivan --- Sean Davidson

Sullivan and Davidson were arrested last week and charged with arson. According to Capt. John Blanchard of the Lake City Police Department, Sullivan recruited Davidson in the plan to put Papa John's out of business and increase business at Domino's Pizza.
The men reportedly built an incendiary device consisting of a small kitchen clock, a nine-volt battery and a sandwich baggie containing a small amount of gunpowder, but did not use it to start the fire.

“They tried it out and it fizzled like a sparkler,” Blanchard said.

The men allegedly used an accelerant to start the fire instead. Davidson suffered burns on his arms when the accelerant, which police did not identify, ignited prematurely, Blanchard said.

The men told Blanchard they dismantled the incendiary device before throwing it from their moving vehicle as they drove south on I-75.
Lake City Police officers and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) agents are searching for the discarded device.

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Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico

(Mexico City, Mexico) A USAirways flight attendant, Nick Aaronson, was found dead yesterday morning in his Mexico City Hilton Hotel room.

Early indications are that Aaronson had been beaten and strangled.
According to a report by, Aaronson was found lying unconscious, face down beside the bed at the Hilton Hotel, with his hands bound behind him and a belt around his neck.
As a safety measure, flight crews on layover have checked out of the Hilton and moved to another location.

Preliminarily, it looks like murder but the investigation has just started.
Ad for gun training bars Muslims and Obama voters, PC police go ballistic

No freedom to teach?
A radio ad for a handgun training class that bars Muslims and Obama voters has sparked an investigation in Texas.

"We will attempt to teach you all the necessary information you need to obtain your [Concealed Handgun License]," the ad says. Then towards the end, it adds: "If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision under the law."

And then: "If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame; I am Crockett Keller, thank you, and God bless America."

The ad ran for six days on KHLB, Mason's local station. It's also been heard tens of thousands of times on Youtube.

The Department of Public Safety said in a statement that certified instructors of handgun training are required to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, and added: "Conduct by an instructor that denied service to individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion would place that instructor's certification by the Department at risk of suspension or revocation."

It seems unlikely that Keller will back down, though. "I'm not going to do it," he told the local news. "I will give up my license to teach before I will teach them," he said, referring to Obama voters and Muslims.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Largest Gold Coin

The coin weighs over a ton and is valued at more than $53 million. I'd like one.
Muslims say crosses at Catholic University Violate “Human Rights”

We read:
"The Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights confirmed that it is investigating allegations that Catholic University violated the human rights of Muslim students by not allowing them to form a Muslim student group and by not providing them rooms without Christian symbols for their daily prayers.

The investigation alleges that Muslim students “must perform their prayers surrounded by symbols of Catholicism – e.g., a wooden crucifix, paintings of Jesus, pictures of priests and theologians which many Muslim students find inappropriate.”


So why are they going to a private Catholic university? They will certainly find no crosses at a State university

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Woman Accused of Pimping Girl Recruited at Occupy NH Protest

(Manchester, New Hampshire) A 23-year-old local woman, Justina Jensen, has been accused of pimping a 16-year-old girl she allegedly recruited at Occupy New Hampshire protest.

Jensen faces a charge of felony prostitution.
Police allege Jensen met a teen at the local protest, which is an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, and used the Internet to arrange a first liaison for the girl with a man who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Police said the teen's mother called them Thursday about noon to say her daughter was missing and that her photograph had been posted on a website advertising adult party entertainment.

Court documents show the mother told police she and a friend had used the website to negotiate a deal for the friend to pay for sex with the teen.
Jensen was booked into custody with bail set at $10,000.

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California Woman Sentenced in Sex Case - Updated

(Cathedral City, California) Former director of the Western Coachella Valley Police Activities League, Alanna Reichle, pleaded guilty yesterday at a settlement conference to engaging in sex with a 16-year-old boy.

As a result, Riverside County Superior Court Judge William S. Lebov sentenced Reichle to three years of probation.

* * * * *

California Woman Accused of Sex with Boy
[Previous 7/23/11 post]
(Cathedral City, California) In May, a 33-year-old youth leader, Alanna Reichle, was arrested for allegedly engaging in an ongoing sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy.

Reichle faces charges of unlawful sex with a minor and oral copulation with a person under 18.

This week, Reichle pleaded not guilty.
Police declined to say if she had worked with the boy or how she met him.

Reichle, who posted bail after her arrest, is due back at the Indio courthouse on Aug. 3 for a preliminary hearing that will determine whether she will be held to answer to the charges.
Reichle is no longer employed with the Palm Springs recreation league.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Succession for Royals Revised

Kind of interesting.
A deal was agreed today (28.10.11) which will allow the eldest child of Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to inherit the throne regardless of its sex.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has put an end to more than 300 years of history by scrapping the rule that the first-born male inherits the throne ahead of any elder sisters.

The agreement - which Cameron thrashed out with other Commonwealth leaders - also ended the ban on members of the royal family who marry a Roman Catholic being able to succeed to the throne.

Announcing the agreement, Cameron said: "Put simply, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to have a little girl, that girl would one day be our queen.
No royal Catholics, eh?
Whirlpool Cuts Jobs

(Benton Harbor, Michigan) Whirlpool Corp., the world's largest appliance maker, has announced plans to cut 5,000 jobs, about 10 percent of its workforce.

Earnings projections have also been cut, prompting a drop in share prices.
The company, whose brands include Maytag and KitchenAid, has, like other appliance makers, been squeezed by soft U.S. demand since the recession and rising costs for materials such as steel and copper.

Due to its size, Whirlpool's performance provides a window on the economy because it indicates whether consumers are comfortable spending on big-ticket items.
Notably a big loss, the company's Fort Smith, Arkansas, plant will close with the elimination of approximately 1,000 jobs.
Woman Becomes Donkey

(Zvishavane, Zimbabwe) A 28-year-old man from Mandava Township, Sunday Moyo, has been accused of bestiality after police officers observed him engaging in sex with a donkey.

Moyo was arrested and appeared before Magistrate Mildred Matuvi.
The donkey, which had been tied by the neck to a tree, was lying on the ground.

Although he was not formally asked to enter a plea, Moyo admitted the crime but told the magistrate a tale which reportedly provoked laughter in the courtroom.

"Your worship, I only came to know that I was being intimate with a donkey when I got arrested," he began.

"I had hired a prostitute and paid $20 for the service at Down Town night club and I don't know how she then became a donkey."
Understandably, Moyo was remanded for psychiatric evaluation.
Baby "Adolph Hitler" Case

Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell

Two parents from New Jersey who named their children "Adolf Hitler" and "Aryan Nation" have officially lost custody, despite the court not finding any proof of physical abuse.

It has been reported that the court ruled it can take away children from parents without cause.

"The judge and [the Division of Youth and Family Services] told us that there was no evidence of abuse and that it was the names! They were taken over the children's names," said Hitler's and Aryan's father, Heath Campbell, according to NBC 10 News in Philadelphia.

The parents started making headlines in 2008 after they asked a Shop-Rite grocery store to write "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!" on a birthday cake. When the store refused, the couple complained, saying their son deserved a cake with his name on it.
Some consider the children have been subjected to a form of child abuse by giving them despicable names. Others say the parents have the right of free speech and can name their kids anything they desire. The custody issue will be discussed at a hearing scheduled for December.
Conservatives ARE more squeamish than liberals: Study finds right-wingers are more easily disgusted

This is a good confirmation of Haidt's research about the greater moral complexity of conservatives and shows why Leftists are unmoved by such things as abortion and Communist mass-murder. They really are emotionally deficient. Like psychopaths, their only real emotion is hate

How easy do you find it to look at revolting images such as a man eating worms? If the answer is 'difficult', it might offer an insight into your politics.

Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln showed 50 volunteers a series of 38 disgusting images - including one of a man eating worms (the actual image is pictured, right).

Others included an incredibly emaciated body, a bloody wound and an open sore with maggots in it, as well as human excrement floating in a toilet.

The researchers then measured the electrical 'disgust' response in the skin of their 50 volunteers. When people are disgusted, their reaction causes a measurable change in the electrical conductivity in their skin. It's a 'disgust' response that cannot lie.

They found, as they had predicted, that people who expressed strong conservative political views had a far stronger disgust response. People who were repulsed by the images were particularly likely to disapprove of gay marriage.

The researchers accept that people of all political hues are unlikely to accept their ideas - people like to imagine their political views are rational, rather than physical.

But they pointed out that it's far more likely that the disgust response could influence a person's politics than the other way round.

The researchers wrote, 'Individuals with marked involuntary responses to disgusting images, such as of a man eating a large mouthful of writhing worms, are more likely to self-identify as conservative and, especially, to oppose gay marriage than are individuals with more muted physiological responses to the same images.'

Sex-related issues appeared to be most strongly influenced by the 'disgust' response - a primitive instinct designed to protect people from disease.

The researchers suggest that basic, physical responses might be closely tied to our politics. Interestingly, that suggests that politics could be influenced far more strongly by genetic factors than previously believed. [That is already well-confirmed]

'Mounting evidence points to the relevance of subconscious factors in political decision-making situations,' wrote the researchers.


In the evolutionary scheme of things, disgust about homosexuality and incest obviously has survival value as both are detrimental to reproduction. As Haidt has shown, conservatives have the full set of emotional responses; Leftists do not

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Topless and Tipsy Babe Goes 128 MPH

(Bainbridge, Ohio) A 28-year-old local woman, Erin Holdsworth, was arrested earlier this month for multiple offenses allegedly committed during a dangerous high-speed chase.

She was reportedly clocked going 128mph and only pulled over after stop sticks deflated two tires.

Approaching the car, officers gulped. Holdsworth was nearly naked, "wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, g-string panties and a pair of high heels."


Holdsworth faces charges of driving under the influence, refusing a blood-alcohol test, fleeing & eluding, criminal damaging, suspended license, speeding and reckless driving.

Notably, Holdsworth has previous convictions (2004 and 2010) for driving under the influence.

[Add.] Here's video.

Note the discrepancy in reporting. Sources say she was wearing high heels but the video shows her wearing tennis shoes.

Tip: Charley Nestor
Some more Leftist "civility"

The charming Mr Jones above

We read:
"Just when attacks — whether they are serious statements or jokes — against Sarah Palin and her family seem like they’ve reached an unprecedented climax, someone always seems to up the ante. On October 22, actor Orlando Jones (MADtv) tweeted the following message:

While Jones is a comedian and typically tweets jokes out from his social media account, some see this one as going a bit too far over the line. Following the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, negative political rhetoric has been on the chopping block (or, at the least, there‘s been a fair share of rhetoric about the nation’s political discourse).


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Wind Farm Application Withdrawn

(Scotland) An energy firm, SSE, has tossed plans for a 29-turbine wind farm in North Ayrshire due to "construction and planning challenges."

The proposed site is a special protected area for hen harriers.
SSE said its decision had been taken "following extensive consultation with key stakeholders and in consideration of investment priorities".

The firm said the proposals to construct a 72.5MW wind farm had been "initiated prior to the site being designated as a European Special Protection Area which also added complexity".

David Gardner, SSE's director of onshore renewables, said: "This site had the wind resource and the site dynamics to be a very good project, but having listened to the concerns of the key consultees we have concluded that the reasonable action to take is to focus our resources on onshore wind farms elsewhere.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has applauded SSE's withdrawal.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nevada Teacher Accused of Drug & Theft Charges

(Las Vegas, Nevada) A 21-year-old teacher at Mack Middle School, Jessica Gendall, has been accused of theft and drug offenses.

Gendall was arrested on felony charges of theft of electronic equipment and possession of cocaine.
According to the police report, officers were contacted by a man who bought a calculator on eBay with a Mack Middle School stamp on it. After some investigating, they learned Gendall had an eBay store that specialized in selling calculators.

When questioned, Gendall allegedly admitted to stealing a box containing over 40 calculators from the school. She told police she was selling them because she was in financial trouble.
The apparent cocaine fondness could account for the financial stress spurring the theft.
PETA: Constitution Applies to Animals

PETA wants trained whales seen as slaves

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will file today in U.S. District Court in San Diego to have marine parks ruled in violation of the 13th Amendment ban on slavery over the use of killer whales.

SeaWorld called the suit as baseless. Legal experts dismissed the chances of the suit.

However, PETA pointed out the 13th Amendment, while prohibiting slavery and involuntary servitude, does not specify that only humans can be victims.
The Shocking Trend In U.S. Individual Income Inequality 1994-2010

Perhaps the most common measure of income inequality in a nation is the Gini Coefficient (aka the "Gini Ratio"), which ranks the amount of inequality there is in a country on a scale from 0, which represents perfect equality, where everyone would have an equal share of the nation's income, to a value of 1, which represents perfect inequality, where one person would have all the income, but everyone else has none.

So now, thanks to so much media attention being focused on the Occupy Wall Street "movement" (aka "politically-oriented publicity stunt"), where many activists (aka "not-too-bright people") appear to be upset at "the Top 1%" (aka "really high income earners"), who they claim have "gotten too rich" (aka "earned a high income by doing things that satisfy other people's needs"), we thought we'd use the "Gini coefficient" (aka "a well-established mathematically-based method for measuring inequality") to find out how out of whack things have become in the United States over the years.

Or more specifically, the years from 1994 through 2010, for which the U.S. Census has published detailed data related to the incomes earned by Americans based on their annual surveys of the U.S. population. Our chart showing the trend in income inequality for all individuals as measured by the Gini ratio for these years is below:

Gini Coefficient for the U.S. Population, 1994-2010

We were shocked to see the overall trend from 1994 through 2010 take the path it has, because it's so completely contrary to what we keep hearing in the news.

We only ask that someone ask the media for their reaction to this disturbing data!


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Flasher Knocks on Police Chief's Door

(Corry, Pennsylvania) A 22-year-old local man, Brody Hall, has been accused of indecent exposure after knocking on the police chief's door and showing his junk.

Brody allegedly had been going door-to-door in the neighborhood before stopping at Chief Rich Shopene's house.
The chief says Hall tried to push past him into the house, but Shopene wrestled Hall to the ground and arrested him.

Online court records do not list an attorney for Hall who remained in the Erie County Jail on Tuesday.
Brody faces charges of indecent exposure and terroristic threats.

Tip: Charley Nestor

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chagas Disease

Causing concern throughout Texas is the emergence of Chagas disease as a threat. Common in Central and South America, Chagas disease is caused by a tropical parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, transmitted through the feces of the triatomine bug (aka "kissing bug").

Kissing Bug

Chagas risk in Texas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that between 8 million and 11 million people throughout the Americas are infected by the parasite, even though most do not know it. That’s because symptoms of the disease are often very similar to that of the flu – fever, shooting pains, etc.

The disease can also lay dormant for many years without showing any symptoms. This can be extremely dangerous, because the disease is fatal if untreated.
Another concern is that donated blood for transfusions is not subject to screening for the Chagas parasite, thereby providing an additional pathway for spreading the disease.

The prevalence of the Chagas parasite in rats and other carriers is being studied and discussion has been initiated to have Chagas classified as a reportable disease.
Woman Accused in Prostitution Sting

(Brockton, Massachusetts) A 45-year-old local woman, Terry Mussari, has been accused of operating a prostitution and drug enterprise.
The Stoughton woman allegedly offered to provide an undercover State Police trooper with 12 women who would perform sex acts at a party in return for a payment of $1,720, a prosecutor said in court today.

Massachusetts State Police and members of the FBI raided three spas Saturday evening in conjunction with an investigation that targeted drugs and prostitution.

Authorities said the establishments are owned and operated by Terry Mussari of Stoughton.

The three spas include: Aria Day Spa in Brockton, Sparkle Day Spa in Canton and Spa Bellissimo in Norwood.
Mussari was booked and released on $2,000 bond.
Demoted for not backing gay marriage: British Christian's pay slashed for criticising proposed new law on Facebook

We read:
"A housing manager has been demoted, and his salary slashed, after he criticised a controversial new gay rights law.

Adrian Smith, a Christian, was found guilty of gross misconduct by his publicly funded housing association for saying that allowing gay weddings in churches was ‘an equality too far’.

He posted the comment in his own time, on his personal page on the Facebook website, which could not be read by the general public.

But after a disciplinary hearing, he was downgraded from his £35,000-a-year managerial job to a much less senior £21,000 post – and avoided the sack only because of his long service.

Campaigners attacked the housing association’s decision – the latest in a series of cases in which Christians have clashed with employers – as a ‘complete over-reaction’ by an organisation ‘drenched in political correctness’.

Lawyers for Mr Smith, whom friends describe as affable and non-confrontational, say his comments were merely expressing an ‘honest belief’ based on his Christian faith.


He is now suing

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Colorado Babysitter Gets Jail in Sex Case - Updated

(Cañon City, Colorado) In August, local babysitter Brenda Harding pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a child.
A Canon City woman accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy who was later found dead of a drug overdose has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, plus 10 years to life on probation.

Thirty-year-old Brenda Harding also must register as a sex offender.[…]

At Harding's sentencing hearing Monday, Judge Julie G. Marshall noted she was not sentencing Harding for the boy's death.
Harding is also prohibited from contact with anyone under the age of 18 without a risk assessment.

* * * * *

Colorado Babysitter Accused of Sex Assault
[Previous 4/16/11 post]
(Cañon City, Colorado) A 30-year-old local babysitter, Brenda Lynette Harding, was arrested yesterday for the alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy who committed suicide.

Harding faces charges of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and sexual assault on a child, pattern of abuse.
Harding was described by police as the boy's former babysitter.

The body of the teenager was found on April 5 on a hill near Skyline Drive. Members of his family found the body, according to police.
Harding was booked into custody at the Fremont County Jail with bail set at $15,000.

Monday, October 24, 2011

After Stabbing U.S. Marine, Man Suffers Fall

Tip: Rita and Eugene
NY Public School Sex Education

(New York City) The new sex education curriculum for New York City Public Schools includes exploration of topics such as French kissing, oral sex, sexual positions, porn stars and bestiality.

Additionally, risky sexual behavior is discussed along with methods of prevention including provisions for students to go to stores to "jot condom brands and prices."

The new curriculum is scheduled for launch in city middle and high schools next spring.
Origin of the term "Nazi"

A recent book born of research in the British library gives the following nonsensical explanation:
Nazi - an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler's party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant - being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nazis emerged. Opponents seized on this and shortened the party's title Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, to the dismissive "Nazi"

I think that explanation shows that you can't always look things up. The author obviously knows little of German pronunciation.

"National" is the same word with the same meaning in both English and German. The difference is in the pronunciation. In German it is pronounced (approximately) as "Nartsiohnahl". But in German the letter "z" is pronounced as "ts". So substituting "z" for "ts" in "Nartsiohnahl" gets us "Nazionahl". And "Nazi" is simply an abbreviation of that. Any nationalist would therefore tend to be called a "Nazi". I suppose an equivalent process in English would be to call any nationalist a "Nasho". But nationalism was never popular in the Anglosphere so that didn't happen. In time, of course, the prominence of Hitler's party made the term specific to members of Hitler's party rather than being applicable to nationalists generally.

For what it's worth, Friedrich Engels (Karl Marx's co-author) was a fervent German nationalist so he could theoretically be termed a Nazi, but I don't know that he ever was described that way.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wisconsin Mom Deals with Young Son

(Waukesha, Wisconsin) A 25-year-old local woman, Allison Kircher, has been accused of selling heroin and methadone with the help of her young son.

Kircher faces charges of delivery of narcotics, maintaining a drug trafficking place, manufacture and delivery of heroin and using a child to manufacture and deliver drugs.
If convicted, she faces up to 61 years in prison and $170,000 in fines.

Kircher is accused of having her toddler hand the drugs to a confidential informant working with the Waukesha Police Department, according to a criminal complaint.
Kircher was booked into custody with bail set at $10,000.
Woman Accused of Killing Wife

(Northampton. Massachusetts) A 47-year-old firefighter, Cara L. Rintala, has been accused of killing her wife, Annamarie Cochrane Rintala, a 37-year-old paramedic.
Police say it was an incidence of domestic violence that turned to murder, with Rintala allegedly beating and strangling Annamarie in the basement of their Granby home at 18 Barton Street in March of last year.

A week later, Rintala moved to Rhode Island, where she's been living since she was arrested this week.
The Rintala murder case, involving a married same-sex couple, is considered a first for Massachusetts.

A bail hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.
Muslims Now Occupy Wall Street

The Muslims claim they want social justice. Well, not for women, I'd guess.
Tennessee Teacher Accused of Rape

(Memphis, Tennessee) A 34-year-old Spanish teacher at Sheffield High School, April Wade, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 17-year-old male student.
Wade is still employed as a teacher at the school. The district will wait until the investigation is done to make any decisions regarding April Wade's future as Memphis school teacher when the investigation is complete.
Wade faces a charge of statutory rape. According to investigators, the boy admitted living with Wade and having sex with her for the past year. Wade was arrested Friday (10/21) night.

Wade was booked and released on bond. A court appearance is scheduled for October 24th.
"Occupiers" abuse a black man as a "N*gger"

If anybody else had used that word there would have been hell to pay. But Leftists can say anything they like, of course
A man who displayed a handgun at Occupy Portland’s downtown encampment after a dispute with protesters has been arrested, police said in a statement Thursday. The argument took place Wednesday afternoon when 32-year-old Jason C. Parker was challenged verbally by protesters after filming tents, police said. One of the protesters used a racial epithet against Parker, who is black, police said.

A witness said Parker was filming inside tents without permission and displayed the gun more than once after protesters at the camp displayed knives. “He pulled his shirt halfway up and showed me he had a piece,” said Jason Kersten, who works in the camp’s security group. “This is a peaceful protest. You don’t bring a gun.”

Kersten acknowledged that someone used a racial epithet. “The N-word was used by some people in the camp,” he said.

Parker had a license to carry the concealed handgun. He was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Greenpeace Booted by Indonesia

(Jakarta, Indonesia) Last week the executive director of Greenpeace UK, John Sauven, was denied entry into Indonesia. Sauven was turned back by immigration officials at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

According to the immigration office, Sauven "would bring instability and disorder."

And this week there's news that Greenpeace Forests Activist Andy Tait has been deported for "purely immigration purposes." Greenpeace has claimed foul, saying Indonesia is trying to stop "our work to end deforestation."

Obviously the Indonesians don't like foreigners coming into their country and haranguing them about the environment. In a way, it's understandable. If an activist entered my property and told me I was improperly pruning my houseplants, my first question would be, "What the hell are you doing in my house?"

Consider also that Indonesia is a nation of thousands of islands populated by a variety of ethnicities speaking scores of languages. It is hard enough to keep the peace without foreign activists stirring up s***.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Juice in UK Electric Car Sales

(London, England) Despite a £5,000 government grant for each electric vehicle bought, sales numbers have been dismal.
Only 106 electric cars were bought in the third quarter of 2011 through the "plugged-in car grant" scheme, launched in January.

It marks a significant slump in demand on already sluggish-take-up, with 465 cars registered through the scheme in Q1 and 215 in Q2.

However, trade body the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) pointed out that all electric car registrations – both inside and out of the grant scheme – have gone from 167 in 2010 to 940 in 2011.
Slow sales are being blamed on high prices and having only a limited selection of electric car models available.
OH: For two years, the police have kept my gun

"At 2 a.m. on April 24, 2010, the alarm to the backyard barn went off. I armed myself and went to check it out. The barn door was wide open and a man was inside looking around with a flashlight. I yelled at him to come to me and he came at me with a tire iron in hand. He was less than 10 feet away when I fired a warning shot. He turned and ran; I fired more shots trying to get him to stop. At no time was I trying to hit him.

The police came, took the tire iron that he dropped and also took my gun. It’s been almost two years, and I still cannot get my gun back. No charges were ever filed. I saw a lawyer and was told it would cost me $400 to file papers with the court for return of the gun. The gun was registered and I have a permit to carry. I’m 68, never been in trouble. I fired in self-defense. Why are they keeping my gun?"


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Christian Booted from Islam-Only Maldives

(Male, Maldives) In September, a 30-year-old teacher from India, Shijo Kokkattu, was arrested after police found a Bible and a rosary in his house during a raid.
Charging that Kokkattu was preaching his Christian faith in the Muslim nation, which recently tightened restrictions on preaching and practice of non-Islamic faiths, police took him to another island for interrogation and kept him in custody for more than two weeks, said the source, who requested anonymity.

Police raided his home after Kokkattu’s colleagues found Christian materials on a school computer he had used and reported it to authorities.

While downloading material from his pen drive, Kokkattu had mistakenly downloaded some Catholic songs in the Malayalam language (used in a south Indian state) and a picture of the Virgin Mary.
Kokkattu was deported on October 14.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Chick, 71, Does Dude, 54

(Farmington, Michigan) In September, a 71-year-old local woman, Rita Daniels, was caught having sex in a car with a 54-year-old man, Tim Adams.

According to the arresting officer, the car was rocking and the windows were steaming.

Both Daniels and Adams were charged with indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication.

This week in Farmington Hills District Court, the indecent exposure charges were dismissed and Daniels and Adams pleaded no contest to disorderly intoxication. Fines were imposed.

Reportedly, this story has tickled international fancy.

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Woman "Wholly Suspended" in Sex Case

Laura O'Donnell

(Ballarat, Australia) A 20-year-old trainee childcare worker, Laura O'Donnell, has been convicted of liquoring up and copulating with four boys.

O'Donnell was found guilty of four counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and five counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16.
Court documents reveal she plied the boys, aged 12, 15, and two aged 14, with alcohol on three separate occasions. The first two involved one victim and the third, all four.

Documents show O'Donnell, who had trained to be a childcare worker, assaulted the boys while drunk between February and June last year in Ballarat .

Judge Sue Pullen wholly suspended O'Donnell's two-year, five-month sentence and placed her on an 18-month community-based order despite her previously breaching a similar order for an attempted robbery.
The judge apparently mitigated the sentence because O'Donnell had a troubled background and low self-esteem. So, no jail.

One has to wonder what a guy would have received for boffing four girls. I'd suggest he would be sent to the slammer.

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Occupy Toronto Protest Draws Perv

(Toronto, Ontario) So, Ladies, what do you think of having your protest campout interrupted by a slithers-like-a-snake hoser entering your tent for an unwelcome feet-sniffing session? If so, "Occupy Toronto" may be for you.

Navajo Nation Fights Urban Outfitters Over 'Disrespectful' Clothing Line

We read:
"Urban Outfitters' line of Navajo-branded clothing and accessories has set off a firestorm online and within the Navajo Nation government, with allegations of trademark violations and criticism of the products -- particularly underwear and a liquor flask -- that many tribal members consider disrespectful.

Native American-inspired prints have shown up on runways for years, and it's common for designers to borrow from other cultures.

But the Navajo government's issue with Urban Outfitters is the clothing chain's use of the name "Navajo" on its products and in marketing. The tribe holds at least 10 trademarks on the name that cover clothing, footwear, online retail sales, household products and textiles.

Urban Outfitters, which has stores across the country and overseas, said it has not heard from the Navajo Nation and has no plans to alter its products.

Urban Outfitters labels more than 20 products on its website with the word "Navajo," including jackets, earrings, scarves and sneakers. But the two items that have sparked possibly the most controversy online are the "Navajo Hipster Panty," and the "Navajo Print Fabric Wrapped Flask." Both have geometric designs common in Navajo arts and crafts.

A "Navajo" flask is "extremely insensitive" considering the long history of alcohol abuse among Native tribes, many of which ban the sale and consumption of alcohol on their reservations, he said. The Navajo Nation is among them. And branding underwear as "Navajo" goes against the tribe's spiritual beliefs of modesty and avoidance of indecency, Clauschee said.

Urban Outfitters isn't alone in its Navajo-branding. Fermin Navar and his business partner, Phil Brader, signed a 75-year licensing agreement with the Navajo Nation in 2007 that allows them to sell skin care products and clothing under the Navajo name in exchange for a share of the profits. Navar said they've come up with a list of nearly two dozen companies they believe are violating the trademark.


Urban Outfitters are certainly cheeky using a registered trademark without permission. The Navajos should sue.

Fashion houses often do strange things, however, serving the emptyheads who follow fashion. I can't imagine any woman walking down the street wearing the strange things you often see on fashion catwalks. It's just a little self-engrossed subculture as far as I can see.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Connecticut Teacher Accused of Sex with Student

(New Milford, Connecticut) A 27-year-old teacher at Devereux Glenholme School, Brittany Larson, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 16-year-old student.

Larson faces a charge of second-degree sexual assault.
The Glenholme School is a "therapeutic boarding school for young people, ages 10 to 18, diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, PDD, OCD, Tourette's, depression, anxiety, and various learning differences," according to the school's website.

School officials said they are cooperating with investigators and cannot discuss specifics of any situation involving students because of federal privacy laws.
Larson was booked and released on $25,000 bond.
Washington, D.C. Becomes America’s Richest City

Obama’s $4 trillion army settles into its barracks

Things are tough all over… except for Washington, D.C. By vacuuming four trillion dollars out of the private economy, President Obama has brought a deficit-fueled boom to the seat of the national bureaucracy he loves. Bloomberg News does the honors as Silicon Valley is dethroned, and America’s new richest city is crowned:

Federal employees whose compensation averages more than $126,000 and the nation’s greatest concentration of lawyers helped Washington edge out San Jose as the wealthiest U.S. metropolitan area, government data show.

The U.S. capital has swapped top spots with Silicon Valley, according to recent Census Bureau figures, with the typical household in the Washington metro area earning $84,523 last year. The national median income for 2010 was $50,046.

This has not escaped the notice of those who concern themselves with income disparity, and they’re feeling a bit queasy about it:

The figures demonstrate how the nation’s political and financial classes are prospering as the economy struggles with unemployment above 9 percent and thousands of Americans protest in the streets against income disparity, said Kevin Zeese, director of Prosperity Agenda, a Baltimore-based advocacy group trying to narrow the divide between rich and poor.

“There’s a gap that’s isolating Washington from the reality of the rest of the country,” Zeese said. “They just get more and more out of touch.”

I’m all in favor of narrowing the divide between rich and poor myself, provided it’s done by making the poor richer. Flooding D.C. with six-figure bureaucrats until it turns into El Dorado is the exact opposite of that. The very policies that helped Obama surround himself with a suitably magnificent aristocracy are killing the poor. As money is siphoned out of the private sector, and the national debt accumulates with staggering interest payments, opportunity withers. Not coincidentally, Obama has brought the number of people living in poverty to record highs.

There is no more concise, and devastating, symbol of Obama’s failure than watching Washington, D.C. become the richest city in the nation, while Gross Domestic Product flounders and 9% unemployment drags on for years. Worst of all, whoever gets the job of cleaning up this mess will be accused of wanting to make unemployment worse, when they start sending those surplus $126,000 bureaucrats home.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
Texas Teacher Fired for Bottle Toss

(Katy, Texas) A 34-year-old art teacher at Morton Ranch Junior High School, Crystal Lara Andrus, has been accused of throwing a bottle at the head of a student and causing a laceration requiring six staples to close.

Consequently, Andrus was fired from her teaching job this week after a school board meeting.
The bottle throwing incident took place Oct. 4 during a third period class at Morton Ranch Junior High School.

A sergeant with Katy ISD police said Andrus, who was an art teacher, threw the glass bottle toward the back of the head of a seventh grade student after losing her temper, according to a probable cause document.
Andrus was booked and released on $2,000 bond.
Report: Gaddafi Dead

From Al-Jazeera:
A senior NTC official has said that Muammar Gaddafi has died of his wounds after being captured near Sirte.

Earlier, Jamal abu-Shaalah, a field commander of NTC, told Al Jazeera that the toppled leader had been seized, but it was not clear whether he was dead or alive.

"He's captured. He's wounded in both legs ... He's been taken away by ambulance," Abdel Majid, a senior NTC military official said.

Majid also said that Abu Bakr Younus Jabr, the head of Gaddafi's armed forces, was killed during the capture of Gaddafi.
Everyone awaits confirmation.

[Update 0915 EDT] Here's the alleged death photo of Gaddafi.

Still awaiting confirmation and details.
Virginia Woman Sentenced in Sex Case

(Staunton, Virginia) In July 2011, a 24-year-old Waynesboro woman, Jennifer N. Heatwole, was indicted on counts of nonforcible sodomy for engaging in sex with a 16-year-old boy.

Yesterday, Heatwole pleaded guilty to reduced charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Augusta County prosecutor A. Lee Ervin said Heatwole, a mother of two, was living in the same house as the boy when the sex acts took place in November and December.

Ervin said the Department of Social Services contacted Augusta County authorities when it learned of the sexual liaisons between Heatwole and the boy.
As a result of the conviction, Heatwole was sentenced to 12 months in the Middle River Regional Jail.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Illinois Woman and Boy Steam Windows

(Northbrook, Illinois) A 24-year-old local woman, Na Choi, has been accused of sex with a 15-year-old boy after both were caught naked in a car.

Choi faces a charge of criminal sexual assault.
Police received a call about a suspicious vehicle with its lights off and windows steamed in the parking lot of Wood Oaks Green Park, 1150 Sanders Road, according to a report.

Officers found two people in the vehicle not wearing clothes. An investigation revealed that the two people had sexual contact and that the boy was 15, according to the report.
Choi was booked and released on $15,000 bond.
California Teacher Gets Jail in Sex Case - Updated

(Los Gatos, California) Former teacher Colette Phelps has been sentenced after pleading no contest to two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child aged 14 or 15.
"She wanted to take responsibility as early as possible in this case and not put anyone through a trial," said her attorney, Steve Clark.

Phelps turned herself in and began spending time behind bars before her sentencing date as "a way to show the court how seriously she took this matter," Clark said.
Interestingly, attorney Steve Clark hinted that Phelps has difficult personal and medical challenges. Not stated is how the challenges affected the case.

In any event, Phelps was sentenced to five months in the county jail and ordered to register as a sex offender.

* * * * *

California Teacher Accused of Molestation
[Previous 6/15/11 post]
(Los Gatos, California) A 28-year-old teacher at the Stratford School, Colette Phelps, has been arrested for allegedly molesting a student.

Phelps has been charged with lewd acts against a child.
The San Jose Police Department is asking any victims, or others, with information to contact Detective D. Ichige or Sergeant R. Schriefer with the Child Exploitation Detail / Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force at (408) 277-4102.
Phelps was booked into custody and subsequently released on bond.
Elbowing into Texas?

This is disturbing.
Students in a Texas public high school were made to stand up and recite the Mexican national anthem and Mexican pledge of allegiance as part of a Spanish class assignment, but the school district maintains there was nothing wrong with the lesson.
I contend that any expectation illegal aliens, undocumented workers or migrants (pick your favorite term) will become assimilated into the great American abyss of democracy and freedom is seriously in error if the U.S. public school system is teaching them how to be loyal Mexicans.

Death of the Kyoto Protocol

The end is near.
The Kyoto Protocol, the world's only binding climate agreement, will soon expire.

The most important means to date of compelling industrialized nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions seems likely to become a mere footnote in history.

The current CO2-reduction agreements expire at the end of 2012, and there is enormous resistance to new targets.

The environment ministers and negotiators from roughly 200 countries, who will travel to Durban, South Africa at the end of November for the latest global climate conference, are a long way from breathing new life into the Kyoto process.
It seems that the public is tired of hearing of global warming catastrophes from climate scientists who allegedly use legerdemain in their analyses.
Exotic Animals Escape Ohio Farm

(Zanesville, Ohio) Grizzly bears, lions, tigers, cheetahs and wolves are just some of the horde of animals that escaped yesterday afternoon from the Muskingum County Animal Farm in east-central Ohio. The owner of the farm, Terry Thompson, was found dead on the property.

According to Sheriff Matt Lutz, area schools have been closed pending the capture or killing of the animals.
Lutz called the escaped animals "mature, very big, aggressive" but said a caretaker told authorities the preserve's 48 animals had been fed on Monday.

He said police were patrolling the 40-acre farm and the surrounding areas in cars, not on foot, and were concerned about big cats and bears hiding in the dark and in trees.
More on this story is expected. Heh.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Solar-Powered Car Catches Fire

(Tennant Creek, NT, Australia) During the World Solar Challenge across the parched central spine of Australia, a solar-powered car caught fire. According to an eyewitness:
Whilst we were setting up to charge the batteries with the array, we noticed some activity around another car. The batteries of Sikat II of Team Solar Phillipines caught fire and caused the surrounding area to be cleared, leaving us closest to the smouldering car.

Once the fire brigade arrived, the batteries were removed safely from the car. No one was injured and the team is still hoping to continue on the event.
Battery fire, eh?

Candidly, rather than testing on flat, arid land, I'm waiting for the solar car challenge in the mountains during snowy weather. I suspect that performance of the cars will suffer.
Newscast Oops?

Chuckle-worthy, I think.
More skepticism about the death of Hitler

You can read here an overview of another book that claims Hitler did not die in Berlin but escaped to Argentina. I said in my previous post on the subject that I have my own reasons -- founded on my own close study of Hitler's history and psychology -- for not believing that.

I am beginning to wonder however -- not because of the new book but because of the response to it. The critics of the book say that it is a "consensus" of the experts that Hitler died in Berlin and the publisher should be ashamed for publishing such a book. That is so close to what defenders of the global warming hoax say that my skeptical antennae begin to twitch.

Moreover they admit that the alleged fragment of Hitler's skull held by the Russians is not in fact Hitler's and that there was a great deal of confusion in Hitler's bunkler at the time of the Russian surge into Berlin.

The only "proof" they offer that Hitler died in his Berlin bunker is the testimony from one of Hitler's closest aides who says that he saw Hitler dead there. The possibility that one of Hitler's aides might have lied to protect his boss has apparently not occurred to them.

I think I will now have to say that I am agnostic on the matter.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
NM Woman Gets Slammer in Sex Case - Updated

(Las Cruces, New Mexico) Ashley Elaine Serna, 25, failed to register as a sex offender and, as a consequence, State District Court Judge Lisa Schultz sentenced her to 186 days in prison.
Serna, a Tacoma, Wash., native who also uses the last names Rossi and Safko, had been on probation since late 2007, when she pleaded no contest to four counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor for having a brief sexual relationship with the high school sophomore, according to court records.

She spent 150 days in jail awaiting trial, but was not sentenced to any subsequent prison time until Thursday's sentence.

"Despite her youthful age, (Serna's) criminal history demonstrates her complete disregard for court sentencing orders or release conditions, as well as with the terms of her felony probation," her indictment stated.

"In addition to her thin ties to this community, (Serna's) ongoing willful disobedience to the rule of law, coupled to her historical failure to respect the personal jurisdiction of the court over her conduct, should sufficiently alert the court that she is a flight risk as well as a danger to the community."

* * * * *

Guilty Plea in Boy Sex Case
[Previous 6/12/07 post]
(Las Cruces, New Mexico) Last February, a 21-year-old Las Cruces woman, Ashley E. Serna, was arrested for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy she met at the Mesilla Valley Mall. Serna was charged with four counts of third-degree criminal sexual penetration.

Yesterday, Serna pleaded guilty to four counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor in accordance with a plea deal. With the plea, Serna avoided a trial due to start this week.

A sentencing date has not yet been scheduled.
Herman Cain Imagine

Quite an entertaining production.
Cupcake Attack

(Chicago, Illinois) A 60-year-old woman, Dawn Montesdeoca, was arrested Saturday for allegedly throwing cupcakes at her husband, Arturo. She has been charged with domestic battery.
When police arrived, Arturo Montesdeoca’s head and shirt were smeared in cupcake icing, and he told officers he was “in fear” and wanted his wife arrested, according to a police report.

She used “a very aggressive tone,” with the cops and admitted the cupcake assault, the report said.
Mrs. Montesdeoca was booked into custody with bond set by Judge Adam D. Bourgeois at $10,000.

Monday, October 17, 2011

NY Woman Gets Jail for Sex with Boy

(Fort Edward, New York) A 27-year-old local woman, Carrie Ferguson, has been convicted of engaging in unlawful sex with a boy under the age of 17. Details of the crime haven't been reported.

As a result, Ferguson was sentenced last Friday by Washington County Judge Kelly McKeighan to 90 days in jail and 10 years of probation.
Ohio Woman Accused of Sex with Boy

(Clermont County, Ohio) A 36-year-old local woman, Kristal Jackson Yazell, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 14-year-old boy.

Yazell faces two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
According to the victims family, Yazell and the 14 year old boy had sex in the woods behind Hilltop Estates, and talking to people in the community they're not surprise she's been arrested and indicted because around here everybody knows her as "Crazy Kristal".

Residents say until Yazell moved out in early August, she had neighborhood teenagers in her mobile home all the time.

In the midst of a divorce, according to the sheriff's report, it was her husband William Yazell who alerted authorities that she was having sex with a 14 year old neighbor.
After being indicted, Yazell was released on her own recognizance.
Catholic Priest Murdered in Philippines

Father Tentorio

(Kidapawan City, Philippines) Early this morning, Catholic priest Fausto Tentorio, 59, of Italy was gunned down by a lone shooter inside the compound of the Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Church in North Cotabato on Mindanao Island.
A "suspect suddenly appeared and without provocation shot the victim hitting his body", regional police spokesman Resty Damaso said in a report released to the media.

Tentorio was taken to a hospital "but was declared dead by the attending physician", according to the report.

Local police told reporters that the gunman had escaped and the motive for the attack was not yet known.
Some believe that Father Tentorio was killed because of his anti-mining activism. Tentorio had previously received threats on his life because of his staunch anti-mining advocacy.
Proposed New Submarine

The aging U.S. submarine fleet requires new construction in the coming years and design proposals foresee a transition from separate attack submarine and missile submarine fleets.

It's proposed that future submarines merge the attack boat and missile boat functions, creating a dual-purpose boat.
According to a briefing from the Navy’s Submarine Warfare Division, or N87, “this design option has been technically studied and is feasible.”

The idea would be to insert a new hull section with large missile tubes into the existing Virginia-class design. The exact number of missile tubes has yet to be agreed on, although most studies indicate four tubes would be optimal. The new section would be about 94 feet long and increase the length of the submarines, which today stretch 377 feet, by about 25 percent.

Two of the tubes, known as Virginia Payload Tubes, are being installed in the bows of Block III Virginia-class submarines, beginning with North Dakota, which is under construction. The bow VPTs are able to carry six Tomahawk cruise missiles apiece and replace 12 single-tube missile launchers of the original design. Although the VPTs are able to carry a larger variety of payloads, including vehicles and other gear, the bow location prevents dry access when the sub is submerged.

The new hull section, known as the Virginia Payload Module, would feature four in-line, 87-inch-diameter missile tubes able to carry a range of payloads, from Tomahawks — seven apiece, for a total of 28 — to other items that could be floated out. The VPM tubes are configured with access hatches and connectors to enable their use by special operations forces.

The concept continues to be studied and refined by the submarine force and its submarine builders, General Dynamics Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News.
More academic evidence of the importance of genes and the UNIMPORTANCE of your home environment

"Human values: Genetic and environmental effects on five lexically derived domains and their facets"

By Walter Renner et al.


Whereas a substantial genetic component of Conservatism and Religiosity is well documented, there is little evidence with respect to the behavior genetics of other aspects of human values. A sample of 157 monozygotic and 74 dizygotic twins reared together received the Austrian Value Questionnaire (AVQ), which measures a broad variety of value domains and their facets, found by the lexical approach in the German language. Family resemblance of Intellectualism, Harmony, Materialism, and Conservatism was best explained by additive or dominance genetic and non-shared environmental effects, whereas the influence of the environment shared by twins was negligible. In contrast, Religiosity was transmitted by additive genetic, shared and non-shared environmental influences. At the level of facets, the Intellectualism and Harmony showed a homogenous etiology while Religiosity, Materialism, and Conservatism were etiologically heterogeneous.

Personality and Individual Differences. In Press, Corrected Proof - doi:10.1016/j.paid.2011.09.003

Aren't you glad that there's someone around to translate that academic Double-Dutch for you?

Note initially that after decades of research it is now generally accepted that both political and religious ideology is substantially determined by your genes. You didn't CHOOSE to be a Conservative or religious: You were BORN that way. That still grates on the teeth of most people but that is what the inheritance research has repeatedly shown. Exactly WHAT is inherited which makes you a Leftist is still not pinned down but my bet is that it is a tendency to be miserable. Happiness is definitely a stable trait and conservatives are certainly happier, which again shows up repeatedly in research.

But that is all prelude. The reseachers above werre looking for OTHER things that might be genetically inherited. They found that traits of Intellectualism, Harmony, Materialism, and Conservatism were all determined heavily by genetics but hardly at all by the environment. Religiosity, however, was to a degree influenced by your environment. Pretty simple, really -- even if runs against almost everybody's preconceptions.

You now see why elections are won or lost according to how well the candidate appeals to the voter in the middle. Most of us are born conservative (happy) or Leftist (miserable) and can't be changed from that. It's only the minority who are half way between happy and miserable who can be swung. Background on previous research in the area here

Clarifying note: It is your tendency to be religious in general that is inherited, not your particular religion.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ritalin for Preschool

Logically thinking ahead, the medical community seems to be trending toward ultimately giving Ritalin to youngsters before they can even walk.
Children as young as 4 years old may now be treated with medications such as Novartis AG’s Ritalin for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, under new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The recommendations, the first in a decade, expand the age range of kids who may be prescribed the drugs from preschoolers through 18-year-olds. Earlier guidelines included children ages 6 to 12.[…]

ADHD symptoms include fidgeting, excessive talking and abandoning chores and homework.
"Fidgeting, excessive talking and abandoning chores and homework" sounds like childhood to me.

In fact, my childhood included some attention deficiency but it must have been a mild case. My dad treated it with a few whacks on the fanny. Worked for me. Heh.
Starbucks Controversial Poster

(Paris, France) Starbucks France put up posters with amateurish artwork to warn customers of pickpockets. Lack of clarity led to cries of racism.
The poster by the American coffee company shows a man with dark skin surrounded by arrows pointing at a mobile phone, a laptop, a rucksack and a wallet.

The text on the poster reads: "Be on your guard against unusual behaviour from a stranger. Don't let pickpockets spoil your moment of relaxation at Starbucks. Keep an eye on your belongings."

A customer in a Paris branch of the store took offence when he saw the poster and alerted anti-racist group, SOS Racisme. The group demanded the withdrawal of the poster, saying it "targeted a minority" and attributed "delinquent behaviour" to them, reported newspaper Ouest-France.

Starbucks rushed to insist the man on the poster was supposed to represent a customer, not the thief.
The easily-offended failed to recognize the message and, consequently, the posters were removed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

115-year-old electric car gets same 40 miles to the charge as Chevy Volt

Batteries just cannot match the energy density of hydrocarbons

Meet the Roberts electric car. Built in 1896, it gets a solid 40 miles to the charge — exactly the mileage Chevrolet advertises for the Volt, the highly touted $31,645 electric car General Motors CEO Dan Akerson called “not a step forward, but a leap forward.”

The executives at Chevrolet can rest easy for now. Since the Roberts was constructed in an age before Henry Ford’s mass production, the 115-year-old electric car is one of a kind.

But don’t let the car’s advanced age let you think it isn’t tough: Its present-day owner, who prefers not to be named, told The Daily Caller it still runs like a charm, and has even completed the roughly 60-mile London to Brighton Vintage Car Race.

If you didn’t know there are electric cars as old as the Roberts, you aren’t alone. Prior to today’s electric v. gas skirmishes, there was another battle: electric v. gas v. steam. This contest was fought in the market place, and history shows gas gave electric and steam an even more thorough whooping than Coca-Cola gave Moxie.

But while the Roberts electric car clearly lacked GPS, power steering and, yes, air bags, the distance it could achieve on a charge, when compared with its modern equivalent, provides a telling example of the slow pace of the electric car.

Driven by a tiller instead of a wheel, the Roberts car was built seven years before the Wright brothers’ first flight, 12 years before the Ford Model T, 16 years before Chevrolet was founded and 114 years before the first Chevy Volt was delivered to a customer.

As the New York Times reported September 5, “For General Motors and the Obama administration, the new Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid represents the automotive future, the culmination of decades of high-tech research financed partly with federal dollars.”

Like “green technology’s” most powerful proponent, President Barack Obama, the 1896 Roberts was made in Chicago. Obama, who supports the $7,500 tax credit for the Volt, is not fazed by its 40-mile electric limit — he only drove the car 10 feet.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).
FBI Monitors Talk Radio Callers

The FBI has awarded a $524,927 contract to a Virginia company to record as much radio news and talk programming as it can find on the Internet.

The FBI says it is not playing big brother by policing the airwaves, but rather seeking access to what airs as potential evidence.
Maybe a Nixon-esque enemies list is being compiled. Heh.
The Jobs/Apple religion

It had a lot in common with Leftism and Environmentalism: It allowed undistinguished people to feel superior. But it was much preferable to Leftism and Environmentalism. I much prefer Steve Jobs to Al Gore or Barack Obama. Jobs DID create things while Gore is just a fat parasite and Obama is just a numbskull with a nice voice and a dark skin -- JR

By Wesley Pruden

Steve Jobs was a genius. No one could doubt that. His genius lay not in technology, as most of the obituaries and eulogies reckoned, but as master of hype, hope and marketing.

He was the secular prophet for the secular age, preaching the gospel of the technology that offers salvation, but only a salvation of better and more beautiful machines. The only higher power he believed in lies hidden somewhere in the power of more RAM, more powerful chips and in the perfectibility of an earthly operating system.

Atheist he may have been (though no one knows what he thought in the moments just before he slipped quietly into the awful and infinite mystery of death), but the mystique of Apple, which he never quit trying to perfect and extend, had all the trappings of religious faith for a secular age.

He thought about faith a lot. Shortly after he was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2003, he was invited to give the commencement address at Stanford. Mortality was much on his mind, as such thoughts naturally are for an ailing serious man. "No one wants to die," he told the students assembled on the lawn at Palo Alto. "Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It's life's change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new."

This was not new stuff, not even from the oracle of the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Socrates and Buddha said it better. But when he died at 56, the full force and appeal of an organized religion spread across the land. Thousands of iPod and iPad owners descended on Apple stores to turn them into sidewalk shrines and temples. Many dropped to their knees, some folding their hands in the universal pose of supplication to the heavens, to offer prayers to . . . well, it wasn't quite clear to whom. Perhaps to an unseen motherboard.

Wondrous as Mr. Jobs' machines are, there's an arrogance about Apple that turns infidels -- the unfortunate skeptics armed only with a PC from Dell or Sony -- into puzzled seekers, like curious Christians trying to plumb the violent contradictions of the Koran.

A customer puts down his $500 for an iPad and the only instructions he gets is the assurance that "it's intuitive, you'll understand how to use it." Nobody gets an owner's manual, and unless the customer has been using one of the wondrous machines that preceded his iPad -- someone who already knows the rituals of the tribe, the secret handshakes, the words to the strange hymns, the baptismal rites -- he'll want to throw his new toy into the street to be punished under the wheels of traffic. Only slowly, like a Mason suffering through 33 degrees, does Mr. Jobs' wondrous machine reveal its riches.

Nevertheless, it's difficult to argue with success, and Steve Jobs won his success the hard way, by giving his vision its working clothes and protecting it from the hewers of wood and chippers of stone who couldn't understand what Mr. Jobs was talking about when he described the destination of his machines as "the place where technology meets art."

He recognized the Internet for what it is, an "amazingly efficient distribution system for stolen property," and figured out how to exploit it all with the personal computer and the machines that flowed afterward from his amazing imagination.

He was the ultimate capitalist, driven to get all the profits that his imagination, vision and business smarts entitled him to, but his legacy to the corporate world is limited. Without the vision, the value even of hard work is limited. He was contemptuous of the toys of the mind so precious to the graduate of the business school.

He regarded consultants and focus groups as well-meaning wastes of time and money. Or worse. "We figure out what we want," he told Rolling Stone in 2003. "And I think we're pretty good at having the right discipline to think through whether a lot of other people are going to want it, too. That's what we get paid to do. So you can't go out and ask people what's the next big thing."

He was fond of recalling Henry Ford's story of inventing the automobile: "If I'd have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me 'a faster horse.'" He understood, and exploited, the moral of the story.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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